G2 Esports CoD team split following CWL Pro League qualifier exit

G2 Esports / Twitter

G2 Esports player Martin ‘Chino’ Chino has become the first player to announce restricted free agency, following the team’s exit at the CWL Pro League qualifiers.

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G2, who previously entered Call of Duty in the Infinite Warfare season and similarly missed out on the 2017 Pro League, have once again had their roster fall short at the crucial moment.

The recruitment of Anthony ‘Zinni’ Methodz from FaZe Clan wasn’t enough to bolster the roster and secure qualification, as they fell in the playoff bracket, despite having a 4-2 record in the pools.

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With no Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League, the roster’s hopes of playing at the top level in Black Ops 4 were officially dead, meaning a split was inevitable.

On Wednesday, January 23, Chino announced that he was officially a restricted free agent, with a buyout pending which any teams interested in recruiting the 2x CoD: WWII champion would have to pay.

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Following Chino’s announcement, Andres ‘Lacefield’ Lacefield also announced his free agency in a Tweet posted on January 24.

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More players from the G2 lineup are expected to announce free agency soon, or be signed to a new roster, possibly as a substitute.

All 16 teams in the CWL Pro League must have a substitute on the roster, who will play in the amateur league unless called upon by the main lineup.