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European CWL Pro League team announce search for new organization

Published: 23/Jan/2019 13:09 Updated: 23/Jan/2019 15:24

by Calum Patterson


After completing a number of incredible upsets and qualifying for the CWL Pro League, French Call of Duty team lead by Wailers ‘Wailers’ Locart are in search of a new organization.

Representing Overtime eSport, the team won their series vs Team Spacely, Pittsburgh Knights, Mazer Gaming, FC Black, FaZe Clan and finally Mindfreak to secure their spot in the 2019 CWL Pro League.


However, the players have decided to leave the organization to find a more resource-rich home, that can better support and bring more exposure to the French hopefuls.

As a result, on Wednesday, January 23, Coach Keyvan ‘iKeeyv’ Miri declared the team is open to offers from a new organization.


In a statement made to Dexerto France, Miri has announced that the team is on the market:

The Pro League is fast approaching and we have taken the initiative to publicly announce that we are currently looking for a new organization to represent. 

Of course, we do not wish to leave Overtime like this. They helped us the best they could since arriving home before the CWL Las Vegas. But for the well-being of the team, we had already agreed with Overtime, in case of qualification in Pro League, the team had to be put on sale on the market.

We really want to analyze all our possibilities. I invite all organizations that may be interested in the team to contact me directly, but also to contact Overtime_Astral for the spot in the CWL World League.

– Keyvan Miri, team coach

The French stars beat FaZe Clan and Mindfreak to qualify for the 2019 CWL Pro League.

Many well-known organizations are believed to be looking for a qualified team for the CWL Pro League, and the exploits of Wailers, Natshay, rizK, Zeek and Breszy will not have gone unnoticed internationally. 


Eliminating FaZe Black, FaZe Clan and Mindfreak in the losers bracket was a groundbreaking moment in the careers of this French lineup, and it is all the more evidence that they have truly earned their place in the Pro League. 

Of course, they are not the only Pro League team in search of an organization, as the North American side known as ‘Team Spacely’, who earned their spot with no org backing them, are rumored to be the targets of a number of big name teams.

Call of Duty

Treyarch responds to game-breaking Black Ops Cold War controller bug

Published: 12/Oct/2020 1:22

by Brad Norton


You may have had your controller disconnect randomly while playing the Black Ops Cold War beta. Rest assured, you’re not alone and the developers at Treyarch are fully aware of the game-breaking issue.

The Black Ops Cold War beta went live on Thursday, October 8. If you’ve been grinding throughout the PlayStation 4 period of the test, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a few problems. After all, that’s the point of a beta. 


From critical network issues to a sliding bug that made players faster than ever, a handful of problems have already been addressed, though one truly “game-breaking” glitch is still weighing the experience down for some. 

If you’re playing with a controller, which the majority of PS4 players are, you need to be cautious of this one. Seemingly at random, your controller can outright switch off and leave you defenseless. 

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
Having your controller disconnect could leave you stranded as an easy target.

Regardless of whether your controller is plugged in or wireless, whether it’s fully charged or running low, this bug can strike at any time. When loading into a map, your device can randomly be shut off without warning. 

“As soon as I got to the select class, my controller turned off,” FrostByte2048 said.

From here, there’s no way to turn it back on midway through the game. Even after being “kicked for inactivity,” they couldn’t get the Dualshock back up and running. The only solution “was to reset [the] PS4 by holding the power button.”


It turns out this is quite a common issue as dozens of players chimed in with similar experiences from the beta. We’ve even encountered the problem first-hand here at Dexerto too. However, Treyarch is fully aware and trying to push out a fix as soon as possible.

“Our team is investigating issues like these,” Treyarch dev FoxhoundFPS responded. They even highlighted other instances of the bug, ensuring they’re on top of it.

There’s no telling what causes the disconnect, though some players believe it to be map specific. Cartel could be the main culprit, though the problem can still arise on other maps. Be sure to double-check at the start of every game just to be safe.


With the beta moving to all platforms from October 15 onwards, perhaps a fix will be included as the early access goes live once again.