Warzone hackers are flying cars again as new cheats arrive in Caldera

Warzone flying cars gameplayActivision

Flying cars are once again back in Warzone as hackers have cracked into the Season 1 code and brought the classic exploit to Caldera.

Every player has encountered their fair share of game-breaking cheats over the years in Warzone. Whether it’s perfect aim, tracking through the map, or even using custom Operator skins, hackers have always found a way to flip the battle royale on its head.

While RICOCHET is trying to stamp out those intentionally ruining the game, even disabling damage on certain accounts, it hasn’t stopped one iconic cheat from making a surprise return.

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Four months after hackers responded to a dare and actually found a way to make cars fly, the issue is now back for another round in Caldera.

In the middle of a casual Tuesday stream, Subliners star Swishem and her partner Intechs noticed something out of the ordinary. Despite hiding behind a tree to avoid incoming fire, a car soared overhead and gunned her down from above.

“The f**king car’s flying, and there’s a cheater on it,” her teammate yelled as the squad went down. 

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Hackers have once again figured out a way to lift vehicles off the ground in Warzone. As one player managed to pilot the car, another stood in the back locking onto targets without missing a shot.

“These hackers are having the time of their life,” Swishem joked. “Imagine the car playing music and they’re just killing everyone from the sky. [They] got the unreleased Harry Potter bundle.”

With these cheats combined, there’s seemingly nothing that could have stopped them from dominating the lobby.

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There’s no telling just how this particular exploit was revived in Warzone. While it originally came and went in just a few days on Verdansk, it’s now back with a vengeance.

Raven Software is yet to respond, but rest assured, a fix should be in the works soon. In the meantime, you’ll just have to keep your eyes on the sky in Caldera.

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