Frustrating Warzone glitch makes sun glare even stronger

Jacob Hale
sun glare warzone

The sun glare in Warzone has become an increasingly frustrating visual feature for players in Verdansk, but now it’s gone even further and becoming a bigger issue than ever before.

In previous seasons, many players complained about Warzone being too dark. It was a huge contributor to the rise of the Roze skin, which is perfect for players looking to hide in corners and go undetected, getting the jump on unsuspecting enemies.

As a result, devs Raven Software made some significant changes to the lighting in the game, making it much brighter. While it’s still not perfect, and the Roze skin is still capable of running riot across Verdansk, it is an improvement.

One problem players have frequently encountered now, though, is sun glare. Some angles are almost impossible to look at with the sun in the way, and the situation seems only to be getting worse.

warzone salt mines sun
Raven have promised changes to the sun lens flare in Warzone.

While Raven devs have confirmed that they’re looking to fix sun glare issues in Verdansk ‘84, there have been no notable changes yet. They’re likely looking for the best way to remove it without returning to the dark Verdansk of old.

In the wait for a lighting fix, though, the sun seems to be lashing out at its Warzone overlords and taking matters into its own hands, appearing where it simply shouldn’t.

As shown in the Reddit post below from LegendWho, the sun has become so strong that it is literally shining through rocks.

Of course, without question, the sun shouldn’t have this power and it’s something Raven will want to take a look at to find out why it’s happening.

There are definitely changes coming to the lighting in Verdansk ‘84 at some point, but the devs might have quite the task on their hands by the looks of it.