Warzone dev promises fix for lighting issues after Verdansk ’84 update

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Warzone players called on developers Raven Software to make adjustments to the in-game weather, claiming that it has been affecting their gameplay for some time now. Days later and developers have promised a fix is on the way.

Despite the battle royale’s incredible popularity, Warzone players have had common complaints since the game’s launch, generally focusing on bugs, glitches, and cheating. While Raven appears to have got on top of the former problems, they are still facing an uphill battle when it comes to banning cheaters and hackers.

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It also appears that, in Season 3, some players are unhappy about Warzone’s in-game weather. It’s generally very sunny in Verdansk. As a result, some players have stated that the sun makes gunfights incredibly difficult to carry out. It has even catalyzed some calls from players to permanently change the weather in Verdansk to avoid the issues.

While it may not have been on their radar at first, Raven Software is now well aware of the issue. Lead Warzone VFX Artist Reed Shingledecker addressed this very article and assured that a fix is on the way.

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The Warzone weather is sunny and clear, but that’s led to some issues for players.

In a May 21 Reddit post, Warzone player ‘IYIonaghan’ asked “What the f**k is up with the sun in this game? Does anyone else find the sun annoying in this game? Its so f**king bright [it] makes so many fights like 5x harder because you’re almost completely blinded, is there a way to turn the brightness of it down?”

A number of other players echoed their comments – with one even saying they’ve been bothered by the sun since Warzone’s launch in March of 2020.

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Another suggested altering the sun’s position every match, meaning players dropping in certain areas will not be disproportionately affected. “The sun should be in a random spot each round,” they said, “which affects shadows and which direction has most glare!”

While the issues are traceable back to Warzone’s launch and Modern Warfare, many have pointed out more issues in Verdansk ’84, which dropped back in April.

Modern Warfare sun glare imageActivision
People argue the sun’s glare makes certain gunfights difficult.

Soon after we compiled this backlash, Raven Software’s Shingledecker replied on Twitter. “Is this true? The sun lens flare in Verdansk ’84 is bothering people? I can easily tone it down if needed.”

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It didn’t take long for the response to gain traction. Tons of Warzone’s biggest names jumped in to further explain the issue and why a fix is necessary. “Looks like I know what I’m doing on Monday,” Shingledecker soon followed up.

“I’m happy to look and address any VFX concerns. Thanks for the feedback.”

While he doesn’t quite “have the power to change the entire lighting” of Verdansk ’84, he is able to “adjust the brightness of the lens flare on screen.” Therefore, once a fix comes through, the near-blinding rays of light emanating from the sun should be toned down quite a bit.

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With Shingledecker working on this change right away, expect to see lighting improvements as soon as the next Warzone update rolls around.

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