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Frustrating Warzone bug has players avoiding Airport at all costs

Published: 1/Apr/2020 11:00

by Jacob Hale


Players have discovered a frustrating wall breach glitch in Warzone that is ruining Airport and other points of interest on the map for them.

Despite how well-loved Warzone has been in the time since it was released, it’s impossible to deny that cheaters and hackers are ruining the game experience for many people. Whether it be aimbotters or unlimited health god mode glitches, players have found new ways to unfairly steal wins in Verdansk.

The issue has become a huge one, so much so that Infinity Ward announced on March 31 that they’ve already permanently banned 50,000 players that they have caught cheating or using hacks in some form.


Activision’s blog post detailed how exactly they’re dealing with cheaters and hackers in Warzone.

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Now, a new wall breach has been found near the Airport area of the map, and it’s impossible to counter and ruining games for players.

Posting to Reddit on March 31, derkerburgl showed himself being killed by some invisible being, with shots seemingly coming out of thin air near a wall.

It soon became apparent that he was actually being shot through the wall, but he had no hope of anticipating the gunfire or responding to it at all – which must be especially frustrating when there’s only 25 left in the game.

Wall exploit near Airport. Please fix! from r/CODWarzone

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As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time someone is using in-game exploits in Warzone and it probably won’t be the last.


Other players have reported various wall breach spots (which, for obvious reasons, we won’t go into detail here) but a number of respondents in the Reddit comments explained that it’s likely something to do with the nearby truck.

They say that as it was parked in such a narrow space, the game simply clipped the player into the wall when they exited the vehicle as there was no space for them to actually stand in the tight gap.

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With 50,000 players already permanently banned from the game, we would imagine Infinity Ward are working particularly hard on identifying cheaters and repeat offenders to make sure issues such as these don’t persist.


But, for now, if you ever see a truck randomly passed in that little space at Airport, assume the worst and get out of there as soon as possible.