FaZe Jev explains why Roblox is better than Modern Warfare 2

Ryan Lemay

FaZe Jev played a cod-inspired game within Roblox, and he explained why it made a few design choices that surpassed Modern Warfare 2.

MAXIMILLIAN Studios created Frontlines, A Call of Duty-inspired experience within Roblox. The game launched on February 22, yet has flown under the radar within the FPS community. Frontlines boasts several features Modern Warfare 2 community members have begged for.

For example, Frontlines includes a classic mini-map, shooting while sliding, slide canceling, and map voting. According to the Roblox official website, Frontlines only has an active player count of around 4,000 as of March 13.

It’s always a struggle for mods and indie games to compete with industry giants such as CoD. FaZe Jev explained why Frontlines stands out among a crowded pack of contenders.

Jev shares his first impressions of Frontlines

cod mw2 operator aiming down sight
Modern Warfare 2 players have criticized Infinity Ward for its handling of multiplayer.

FaZe Jev played a few matches of Frontlines and asked, “how is Roblox doing Call of Duty better than Call of Duty?”

“I love how arcady these maps are, they feel like they are all designed with a flow in mind and everything. Unironically, it feels like old Call of Duty.”

Jev praised the developers for adding an XP tracker at the bottom of the screen

“They know exactly what they are doing. There are better game design choices right here than the current iteration of Call of Duty.”

The Youtuber admitted Roblox falls considerably short in graphic performance compared to CoD, but that didn’t prevent him from having fun.

“Everything is fast-paced, the TTK feels good, but looks wise, I cannot believe this is Roblox.”

With a lack of resources, Jev claimed the game felt clunky in some areas, but he had a blast and recommended CoD fans download Roblox and try the experience out for themselves.