FaZe Jev says “CoD clone” is better than “trash can” MW2

Season 1 art for Combat MaterAlfa Bravo Inc

In search of a new FPS game to replace Modern Warfare 2, FaZe Jev tried Combat Master which pleasantly surprised him.

XDefiant provided a refreshing breath of fresh air for some frustrated Modern Warfare 2 players wanting something different. CoD community members embraced a worthy competitor. Ubisoft’s free-to-play FPS title received praise for boasting a strong map pool, fluid movement, and enjoyable gun mechanics.

The promising game’s closed beta ended on April 26, leaving fans to find a new FPS experience. FaZe Jev decided to try Combat Master instead of returning to MW2. After a few matches, he didn’t regret his decision, urging others to give the shooter a chance.

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FaZe Jev praises CoD clone Combat Master

MW2 fans have been very vocal in their disapproval of MW2’s movement system. FaZe Swagg argued that removing slide canceling removed what made the franchise unique. Combat Master removes the shackles from players, allowing them to slide cancel, and mantle to their heart’s content.

Combat Master is a free-to-play Steam title developed by the small development team, Alfa Bravo Inc. The FPS game went viral on social media as insane highlights emerged of players sliding and jumping across the map.

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In the wake of XDefiant’s beta ending, FaZe Jev decided to see what all of the hype was about.

As Jev typically does, he picked up a sniper and was blown away by the game’s fast-paced gameplay. There are virtually no cooldowns on mantling or sliding. The YouTuber was blown away by players flying around the map.

“This game is ridiculous; look at the movement. There is no way I could play this game for hours on end and not develop the most insane case of carpal tunnel.” He concluded: “This game is a work in progress but genuinely fun.”

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Jev noted that players would enjoy this game if they want a “super quick” arcade experience that embraces players using movement speed to win gunfights.

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