FaZe Jev claims XDefiant’s worst map is better than any CoD map in years

XDefiant betaUbisoft

FaZe Jev is ready to consider XDefiant a CoD killer after gushing over the game’s impressive map design.

XDefiant has made a strong first impression during closed beta. Ubsioft’s latest FPS title dominated its Twitch debut, surpassing Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 viewership. CoD community members praised the free-to-play arena shooter for standing toe-to-toe with the industry giant.

CoD fans specifically pointed out fast, fluid movement, a solid UI, and no skill-based matchmaking. FPS veterans likened XDefiant gameplay to Black Ops 2 and 4, two fan-favorite games.

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Since MW3, FaZe Jev has reluctantly and willingly returned each year to make CoD content. Recollecting all of his series knowledge, Jev considers XDefiant a worthy adversary.

FaZe Jev praises XDefiant map design

FaZe Jev expressed gratitude towards the XDefiant map design team in his latest YouTube video. The game is set to launch with 14 maps, all of which he thought stood head and shoulders above any recent CoD map offerings in his eyes.

“Who is the lead map designer on this game? Who the fu*k made these because this person deserves the greatest praise.”

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“The worst map on this game is still better than the best map we have had on Call of Duty in the past five-plus years.”

A major component in FPS titles is flow. The term refers to a video game’s Immersion and ability to create an enjoyable experience, and it’s a concept that Jev thinks XDefiant has nailed.

“The flow of this game is impeccable. Call of Duty’s flow has been absolutely shot for years”, Jev claimed. “A part of it has to do with the maps and has a lot to do with how the spawns work.”

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Jev called CoD stagnant and random while claiming XDefiant has a consistent pattern that allows players to learn and get better at the game. He used the example of pushing out and an enemy spawning behind you in CoD because of squad spawns.

With squad spawns, players spawn near their teammates, regardless of where their squad or enemies are on the map. This leads to players spawning directly next to enemies, as Jev referred to. MW2 used squad spawns at launch, but it was later switched to a point-based system that spawns players in set locations around the map.

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The YouTuber argued that even if CoD does make a good traditional three-lane map, squad spawns “completely cook it all.”

The XDefiant closed beta ends on April 23, so players still have a few more days to log in and see what all the hype is about.