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Call of Duty

Family playing Call of Duty too loudly prompts armed police response

Published: 17/Nov/2018 15:58 Updated: 17/Nov/2018 16:00

by Calum Patterson


A family playing Call of Duty together too loudly caused their neighbors to fear a domestic violence incident was ongoing and phone 911, resulting in a large police response.

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The McKee family, from Volusia County, Florida, were playing the game together at home on the night of Thursday, November 15, but got a little too caught up in the action.

Jamie McKee, who was playing with her husband and daughter, said that she “was getting mad at them for shooting me [in the game]”, and so was shouting ‘Don’t kill me! No, let me get up, let me get a gun!’


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However, the family had forgotten that their windows were open, meaning their raised voices were easily audible to their neighbors. 

Two women, sisters who live nearby, phoned 911 and told the operator:

“Hi, I’m calling because I hear my neighbors fighting down the street from me and I’m a little bit concerned with what their saying. Uh, my sister lives with me and she was out there smoking a cigarette and she heard them screaming something like a woman saying ‘No, please don’t kill me.’ I heard a man say ‘why did you take my gun?'”

Believing a potentially deadly situation was unfolding, police sent six patrol vehicles to the address, meanwhile the McKee family had no idea what was happening: “They were at my neighbor’s house with guns drawn. They were holding [them] against their chest and listening to houses.”

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Footage from the incident was uploaded to the City of DeLand YouTube channel. McKee says “we were playing a video game […] I have a loud voice.”

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The police were understanding about the confusion, and McKee said that she appreciates they took the threat seriously. “Now we shut the windows and try to quiet my voice as best I can,” McKee told WFLA.

The family don’t know who called in the complaint, but said they apologize to all their neighbors for the disturbance. No weapons were found in the home and no charges were filed.

H/T: Local10