Fake Modern Warfare 2 map is so bad players want it in the game

Modern Warfare 2Activision

A Modern Warfare 2 player created a fake map idea and community members ironically want to see it added officially.

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer map pool has received a substantial amount of criticism. Community members flamed multiplayer’s “pathetic” Season 2 update for only adding one previously removed map and a remastered environment.

Season 1 followed a similar trend, re-introducing the well-known Shipment and Shoothouse. Multiplayer fans pleaded with the developers for a new map instead of remasters, and in response, Infinity Ward pushed up the release date for an original map in Season 2 Reloaded.

Infinity Ward’s announcement helped soothe some disgruntled fans, yet others have taken matters into their own hands, creating their own multiplayer battlefields.

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Modern Warfare 2 fake satire map goes viral

A Modern Warfare 2 player jokingly proposed a new 6v6 map on Reddit inspired by 24/7 Shipment. The concept would be just one hallway with enemy teams spawning across from one another.

The idea pokes fun at the CoD community for enjoying Shipment and Shoothouse’s frantic nature, but some players actually fell in love with the idea.

One community member pitched a mode inspired by Gunfight and the Gulag, pitting enemies against each other in intense one-versus-one duels on maps similar to the hallway concept.

A second user added, “you are joking, but many Shipment players would unironically love this map.”

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Other players agreed, claiming, “this would be epic,” or saying things such as, “ok, but that would be so fun.”

Battlefield 4’s Operation Locker featured hallway combat just like the image above, and believe it or not, the map is one of the most beloved environments in the series.

So for something that started as a joke, Hallway would be a fun LTM or April Fools mode for players looking to grind XP or have fun with friends.