Dr Disrespect explains why he’s taking a break from “unplayable” Warzone Season 3

Dr Disrespect and Warzone season 3 characterYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Activision

Dr Disrespect has revealed that he’s going to be taking a break from Warzone pretty soon as Season 3 has started to wear him out quite a bit. 

The excitement surrounding Warzone Season 3 stemmed, mostly, from the fact that map changes were finally being made to Verdansk and players would have new locations to explore

Unlike Season 2, which players criticized on the day of the update, Season 3 has gotten a bit more love from fans as Raven Software have opened up more lines of communication about what else is changing in the future.

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However, for Dr Disrespect, he’s had enough of the new update already, and wants to take a break from the popular battle royale which he says is “unplayable” right now. 

Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle WarzoneActivision / Treyarch
Warzone’s third season dropped a plethora of new content for fans.

During his April 30 stream, the Two-Time was becoming increasingly frustrated by the lag that was hampering himself and teammate ZLaner as well as the cheese tactics that enemies were employing.

“If it’s not obvious, it should be, I have no interest in playing this game. Especially with this map and season, it didn’t grab me,” the Doc said, noting that it’s a good game for console players seeing as they can use a controller and don’t have many other options right now.

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“I really gotta stop playing it, and I will. I got one tournament champs, and then we’ll try to figure things out, try to take a break from Warzone,” he added. “It’s just such a bland experience for me. Like, the little cheesy s**t is kind of wearing me down. Things that you just don’t want to deal with.”

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The Doc’s frustrations didn’t end there, though. He lost a later gunfight due to lag, and that’s when he really let loose. 

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“My connection is tripping man. Did you guys see that?” he said. “I wasn’t even moving and he slid off of the staircase. No joke. No f**king way man. It’s unplayable.”

As for what he might move on to next, the YouTube streamer has picked up Apex Legends, PUBG, and even Valorant recently, so they could be options if he wants a short break from Warzone, but he’ll probably return at some point.

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