Microsoft plans to replace CoD Mobile with Warzone Mobile


If the Activision acquisition is completed, Microsoft plans to “phase out” CoD Mobile in favor of Warzone Mobile.

CoD Mobile has been a resounding success for Activision. In May 2022, VGC reported the game topped 650 million downloads, more than six times what Warzone achieved in its first year. CoD Mobile generated over a billion dollars, close to Warzone’s estimated 1.9 billion annual uptake.

Activision capitalized on its mobile gaming success in March 2022, announcing Warzone Mobile. The battle royale title will feature 120 player lobbies and brings back the iconic Warzone map Verdansk. It’s unclear if Warzone Mobile would replace the existing CoD Mobile Battle Royale or coexist alongside it.

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Despite shattering records and boasting an impressive player base, Microsoft revealed its plans for the future of CoD Mobile, and it’s not the news fans are looking for.

Microsoft plans on “phasing out” CoD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile artworkActivision
CoD Mobile launched in 2019 across all regions that supported Google Play and App Store.

CharlieINTEL reported, “Microsoft says Call of Duty: Mobile will be phased out over time and be replaced by Warzone Mobile. Activision has not confirmed this.” Microsoft also revealed Warzone Mobile will release later in 2023.

Plans to phase out CoD Mobile depend on whether or not Microsoft completes its landmark acquisition of Activision.

On February 21, Microsoft met with other industry leaders and spoke to EU regulators to discuss the potential deal.

EU antitrust regulators, the UK CMA, and US FTC all need to make decisions before Microsoft completes its acquisition.

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The news disheartened Cod Mobile fans.

One player responded, “unless they provide a significant multiplayer offering, this is a terrible decision.”

A second community member argued, “but cod mobile has multiplayer. Are they taking that away? I’m so confused because an entire esports scene is dedicated to cod mobile.”

We will provide an update when we learn more about the Activision acquisition and plans for CoD Mobile.