Call of Duty players disappointed with lack of fan-favorite mode in Vanguard reveals


Call of Duty players are gradually growing more and more excited over the upcoming launch of 2021 title Vanguard but, amid all the anticipation, some players have realized that the game might not feature a fan-favorite mode.

Some lucky players have already had the chance to play CoD: Vanguard, with the Alpha version of the game letting PlayStation users get their hands on the new BR/Gunfight-inspired mode Champions Hill.

Now, in the lead-up to the full game being released on November 5, and with players awaiting the Beta, more information is becoming readily available for fans.

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While we don’t know everything about the new game yet, the lack of a mention of one very popular mode has left many quite concerned.

vanguard campaignSledgehammer Games
Vanguard will focus on a variety of regions and conflicts.

War mode in Vanguard?

While the 2017 installment World War II was only Sledgehammer’s second contribution to the mainline CoD franchise, it brought back the War game mode. It was completely different to how it was in World at War in 2008, and gave players a very fun change from the standard multiplayer modes.

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Posting to the Vanguard subreddit, Martian_Zombie50 said that “No War mode in Vanguard is very disappointing,” clearly dismayed at the lack of mentions of War in any teasers.

The post received hundreds of comments and upvotes, with many saying that the inclusion of War could be the difference-maker in them buying it, praising the mode and frustrated at the lack of news regarding it.

It’s worth noting that, while a return of the War mode hasn’t actually been announced, that doesn’t mean it’s definitely out entirely. It might be that Sledgehammer Games simply didn’t plan on sharing any information on the mode at this point in time.

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We’ll just have to wait and see but, for now, War could be a huge factor in whether some fans play or even buy Vanguard when it comes out on November 5.