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Enable explains why New York Subliners results mean the most at CDL Stage 2 Major

Published: 8/Apr/2021 17:05 Updated: 9/Apr/2021 14:08

by Jacob Hale


Ahead of the CDL Stage 2 Major, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt spoke with Reverse Sweep co-hosts Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker and Katie Bedford about New York Subliners. They think it could be a make or break event for Clayster’s team.

The Stage 1 Major definitely turned some heads as far as the Subliners are concerned. They had a standout event, including a big victory over OpTic Chicago to place in the top three of the event.

They followed that with a successful Stage 2, losing only to Atlanta FaZe. But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in New York according to the Reverse Sweep crew.


They say that a roster change will need to be considered if the team doesn’t show signs of being a championship-caliber team… and Clayster will have to put one of his young guns on the chopping block.

Clayster CDL New York Subliners
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Clayster might have some big decisions to make if the Subliners don’t show a challenge for championships.

Pacman says that NYSL needs to “hit the next level” — and a victory in their opening game against Dallas Empire could be just that. “If they beat Empire, I expect them go on and win [the event],” he says.

What are the repercussions, though, if things don’t work out for New York? If they have a poor showing, or even if they simply don’t show improvements?


“I think they’re a team to watch for different reasons to you guys,” Enable says. “Even if they do well, but other teams do better, you’ve got to wonder… Do they make the switch and add HyDra? He’s been lights out in Challengers. It’s not even if they do well, it’s if they even plateau, I wonder what the mindset is behind Clay.”

French wonderkid Paco ‘HyDra’ Rusiewiez was picked up by NYSL at the start of the season, but visa issues kept him from traveling to the US.

He’s been a hot topic in the scene — including Enable and Pacman previously saying the squad needs to decide what to do with him.


While the New York roster each has individual maps of sheer brilliance, there could become an issue if they don’t start seriously challenging for championships. The Stage 2 Major could spell the beginning of the end if things don’t go well.