Dr Disrespect hugely disappointed with Warzone’s map updates

Dr Disrespect and throwback Captain Price in WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has given his first impressions of the new Warzone update and map changes, and it seems like he’s not overly pleased with the new Verdansk layout.

The ‘Nuke Event’ that would ultimately spell the end for Verdansk as we know it had Call of Duty fans across the globe rushing to log in and get a sneak peek at the new map.

After some server issues, the new Verdansk was finally revealed to players, with the leaks of a 1980’s version finally being confirmed.

The layout of the new map is pretty similar to the old Verdansk, with a handful of new named locations to explore, as well as a new layout for the Gulag. While some fans are happy, Dr Disrespect wanted and expected more.

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Stadium has been completely torn down in Verdansk ’84.

After managing to get a few games in on the new map, The Two-Time was asked for his thoughts on how it looks, feels, and if he liked the new Gulag set-up – given the last one was controversial.

“I like it,” the Doc said about the Gulag changes. “Outside of the map changes, the ground loot is cool, the Gulag is ok. Am I blown away? No man. I honestly wanted a completely different map. I wanted to feel like I’m traveling through a completely different area of the world.”

It was barely a few minutes later before the streamer backed himself to have created a better update. “There’s no shot in a year of planning, all they added was a few points of interest to the same map, right? Those points of interest, in comparison to Warzone… Yeah, yeah. I won’t get into the timeframe of what I could do,” Doc added before breaking off into his signature manic laugh.

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Timestamp of 6:18:15

Given that the new Verdansk layout has only just rolled out, its unlikely that the Doc is going to get his wish of a completely new map experience anytime soon.

He’ll probably have to wait until the next Call of Duty release for that one, if he’s lucky. It might even be a longtime after that, who knows.