Dr Disrespect highlights biggest difference between Warzone & Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect with a background photo of Dr Disrespect on YouTubeYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Streaming star Dr Disrespect once again compared Warzone and Apex Legends, suggesting that there’s something a little off about Respawn’s battle royale when it comes to shooting. 

Every battle royale game out there, whether it be Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, or Warzone, is constantly compared to its rival, no matter how different they might be.

Given they released pretty close to each other, the comparisons between Warzone and Apex Legends have raged a bit more than others, with the two constantly being pitted against each other by fans and content creators.

As he pretty much only plays battle royale games these days, aside from messing around with Valorant from time to time, Dr Disrespect is in a perfect position to make comparisons, but even he wasn’t sure what to make of Apex upon making his return.

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Dr Disrespect YouTube Call of Duty WarzoneYouTube / Dr Disrespect
The Doc never pulls his punches when complaining about something.

The Doc kicked off his April 30 stream with a return to Respawn’s battle royale, falling short in his pursuit of a random trios win. Afterwards, as he was preparing to dive into Warzone, he couldn’t help but start comparing them again, making a big deal about Apex’s shooting. 

“There’s something about Apex. It’s different, like, Warzone you’ve got the slide canceling, slide canceling, the movement, and everything. Apex, it just throws me off,” the Two-Time said. “It’s like these longer, gliding slides. It’s interesting. It feels different to me, I don’t know why. The aiming and everything feels different to me.

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“There’s like no recoil on the weapons, like zero. When I play that game, it feels like I’m playing AimLabs or something, it’s hard to describe. The shooting, it doesn’t feel real or something, I don’t know.”

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The YouTube streamer did acknowledge the fact that he wasn’t quite warmed up on Apex, and might have been a bit behind the times with the speed of things, but he didn’t draw any further comparisons. 

Seasoned battle royale players would, no doubt, agree with him anyway. Apex is much more arcadey than Warzone, which toes the line between realism and fun at times.

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