Dr Disrespect claims it’s “easy” to improve Warzone Solos as he slams devs again

Dr Disrespect next to Warzone character from Season 5Activision

Dr Disrespect has once again outlined how he wants to see Warzone Solos improved, claiming that a better map and faster gameplay would improve it no end.

Dr Disrespect has long been known for his forthright video game opinions, regularly offering passionate criticism of titles he believes are failing to fulfil their potential.

He has also been known as a frequent critic of Warzone, claiming the devs have got plenty wrong with CoD’s sophomore battle royale.

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While it remains to be seen whether Warzone 2 addresses his concerns and placates his moustache, the final season of Warzone continues to attract criticism from the two-time.

Dr Disrespect outlines Warzone Solo changes needed

In a September 8 livestream, the Doc doubled down on his issues with its Solo mode, claiming there are multiple ways in which it could be improved.

The first, and most obvious, is its map. Doc said: “God they could make it such a kickass solo game mode on a bigger map. It’s just so damn slow [and] everything costs way too much.”

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He argued that more players, a bigger map and cheaper items would allow the game to flow much faster and players to be better rewarded for their efforts.

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The Doc’s frustrations only grew after he was eliminated in 11th place by an unseen enemy, saying: “That’s it, that’s a victory. I can’t play this f**king game anymore. That was the longest 25 minutes of my f**king life man. Wow. This game is such a phony f**king game man. The Solo experience could be so much faster and more threatening and high definition… and it’s just easy to design something like that for Call of Duty.”

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While the Doc’s time developing CoD games is well in the past, plenty of fans will be hoping that his own title, DEADROP, constitutes the fast-paced and engaging shooter that the two-time feels Warzone is not.

With that and Warzone 2 rapidly approaching launch, players shouldn’t lose their hopes just yet.

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