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Dashy hits back at “psychotic” Censor for always playing the “victim”

Published: 10/Sep/2019 9:04 Updated: 12/Jun/2020 12:34

by Calum Patterson


OpTic Gaming star Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell has responded to give his side of the story, after Doug ‘Censor’ Martin suggested he had been “slandered” by Dashy and Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevic.

The three players were all members of Complexity Gaming in the WWII season, alongside Ricky ‘Ricky’ Stacy, but failed to manage any tournament success.

As Censor aims to appeal to franchises ahead of the new Modern Warfare league starting in 2020, he has been on a campaign trail of sorts, explaining the struggles of his career and his desire to be back at the top.

He locked horns with his former teammates though, after arguments over his dedication and commitment during the WWII season.

Blazt claimed that Censor had missed practice before a tournament for a brand deal, and that he had skipped out on scrims on one occasion because he was “sick”, only to upload a video riding a jet ski later.

Censor explained his side of the story in a new video, but Dashy has remained unconvinced about his dedication, saying on stream: “He’s always complaining, ‘Oh I’m always the victim’. I don’t give a care if you’re getting fried, at least show me you care”

“Literally, that’s all he does, he talks about how he wants it, but doesn’t actually put in the work – that’s literally psychotic,” Dashy concluded.

Blazt also chimed in again, reiterating that despite Censor’s claims that the “money doesn’t matter”, he took a brand deal just days before a major tournament.

MLGCensor made it into the Pro League with Complexity in the WWII Season.

Censor did not compete throughout the Black Ops 4 season, despite initially being set to join Evil Geniuses, with the team opting for Tyler ‘FeLo’ Johnson instead.

This has left him in a tough spot ahead of the franchised league, needing to convince an organization that he is not only capable of playing at the top level of Call of Duty again, but also committed to doing so.

Call of Duty

FaZe Blaze’s 153-round Cold War Zombies run ends in disaster – again

Published: 23/Nov/2020 22:16

by Alan Bernal


FaZe Clan’s Lucas ‘Blaze’ Mosing’s title run in Black Ops Cold War Zombies was clicking and flowing incredible well until it all came crashing to a halt – marking the second time in one week a promising run collapsed on him.

Blaze has been gunning through Zombies with the world-record for Duos fixed in his sights. The target is currently 309 rounds; while completely plausible for players like Blaze, the world hasn’t been on his side during recent attempts.

One of the biggest factors of a successful Zombies run comes down to getting into the right flow with your teammate to grind past the later rounds.

His Ring of Fire-centric run with Twitch streamer GhostzyTV successfully got them over 150 rounds with their setup between the Penthouse and the levels below mowing rows of the undead as they came up.

The game was clicking, the rounds were rolling past, and the streamer as well as his chat were hyped on the progression that was unfolding. Then it all ended.

Shortly after, Blaze took to Twitter to reveal what had happened that suddenly made the Twitch stream shut down.

“My internet just went out.. we were at round 153,” he said. That quickly concluded all the synergy that he and Ghostzy built up in the round.

Shortly before the internet when out, Blaze was really impressed with the communication between the two streamers that made the rounds fly by.

Though it was all for naught, with the duo just needing a few more levels to tie up their personal-best of 164 rounds they notched just days before. However, unlike that attempt which ended in a game crash, this time it only took them two days to get to that ballpark instead of five.

That probably added a bit more salt to the wound since the two streamers were breezing through some of the rounds en route to the coveted 309-mark.

Blaze is nothing if not persistent in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, so there’s no doubt he’ll be able to replicate those numbers again – though hopefully without any game crashes or internet outages.