CoD pro Huke suspended from Twitter after classic mistake

Connor Bennett

Call of Duty star Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland had his Twitter account suspended for a strange reason, just ahead of his 19th birthday.

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Getting banned from Twitter isn’t the easiest thing in the world to achieve as you usually either have to fall foul of some copyright rules over a period of time, or be mass reported for a controversial post.

Yet, there are ways to be temporarily suspended that can be automatically enforced by the social media platform for a pretty strange reason – especially if you meet the age requirements like Huke. 

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Huke represented Envy and Splyce in Black Ops 4 but will play for Dallas Empire in Modern Warfare.

On October 19, new teammate James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks noted that Huke’s account had gone missing from the platform – but he also couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a laugh at his expense.

“LMAO my mans Huke got suspended for being ‘under 13’,” he posted with a crying laughing emoji attached. 

Anyone who wanted to investigate if that had been the case, or Clayster was baiting them into a joke, was either greeted with the typical account has been suspended message or tweets cant be loaded at this time note.

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Of course, like many young competitors, Huke likely joined the platform before 13 – the required age to have an account – and perhaps decided to update his date of birth. Due to age restrictions on the platform, this can trigger a suspension from Twitter. 

It’s not the first example of someone in esports falling foul to this, however, as European organization Fnatic had their account fall off the face of the platform back in August.

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As of writing, Huke’s account hasn’t been reinstated by the social media platform and the Dallas Empire hasn’t given an update either.

Considering he’s a Call of Duty professional with links to an organization like Envy, it likely won’t take too much longer to get his account back compared to someone without a direct connection to Twitter.