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Cold War Zombies players figure out insane damage trick

Published: 16/Aug/2021 14:12

by Sam Comrie


Cold War Zombies players keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible as an insane damage trick using Death Perception has been found. 

Treyarch have been keeping the Zombies community well-fed as the Season 5 update has brought plentiful amounts of new treats. In conjunction with the release of Mauer Der Toten on July 15, fans have been getting knee-deep into some classic Zombies action. 

Season 5 didn’t just bring new quality of life fixes or new weapons, though, as a new perk entered the arena too. 

Combat Scout is tearing up players in Warzone. For Zombies players, Death Perception is an undead equivalent. Giving players the ability to view pursuing enemies through obstructions, this sly addition to the Zombies saga is useful for spotting threats early. This is just the beginning, as an insane damage trick has been found. 


Waves of undead people swarm a city.
Mauer Der Toten has brought a new level of terror to Zombies.

Death Perception the new go-to perk?

Reddit user necessaryok is known well around for the CoDZombies community, providing players with useful tidbits and seasonal breakdowns, this latest piece of information is a game-changer. Damage buffs consistently come and go with each update, but for now, players can get their hands on a devastatingly powerful upgrade. The undead won’t know what hit them. 

Performing tests on launch map Die Maschine, the player tested the DPS of the TEC-9 SMG against some armored zombies. Base damage came in pretty poor, at a weak 17 damage per second.

With Death Perception equipped, the results became much more fruitful. Starting from 21 DPS and ending up at 42 DPS with some tweaks, Death Perception enabled a stupendous 147% increase in damage, after a correction from an eagle-eyed fan. 


Death Perception vs Armoured Zombies from CODZombies

The damage buff is an odd discovery, considering that the perk exists to make visibility easier. We’d expect something like Deadshot Daiquiri to be the culprit here, but Zombies stays unpredictable as always. 

Though, the secret buff could be a lifesaver too, especially when it comes to classic Zombies terror. We’ll be putting this to the test in our next adventure.