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Cold War Zombies bug lets players wield most stylish Ray Gun ever

Published: 8/Aug/2021 12:33 Updated: 8/Aug/2021 16:01

by Sam Comrie


Cold War Zombies players are always on the hunt for incredible weapons. This might just be the most stylish Ray Gun we’ve ever seen. 

Since Treyarch first introduced Zombies back in World At War, the simplistic yet addictive mode has given way to some of gaming’s most mythical weapons. Scaling up the levels of carnage tenfold, these Wonder Weapons have allowed players to create memorable moments across all eras of the Zombies story.

Whilst it could be argued that we’ve seen the golden era of these weapons pass players by, there will always still be the classics to fall back on.


For one fan, they got a special treat when it came to wielding the most iconic weapon in Zombies history – the Ray Gun.

A horde of zombies are shot with a futuristic weapon.
The Ray Gun’s popularity has lasted well over a decade.

The most stylish Ray Gun ever

Debuting in the first-ever Zombies map, Nacht Der Untoten, the Ray Gun has gained a supreme reputation over the years. Channeling the aesthetic of 1950’s science fiction, the Ray Gun is a one-stop-shop for all things fantastical.

There have been plenty of successors to the Ray Gun over the years, but it’s hard to replace the original look, sounds, and damage of the classic wonder weapon.

Enjoying a game out of Outbreak on the map Golova, Geek-Gaming-101 was gifted with a sleek take on the classic weapon. After killing an Orda with their teammates, this player was able to pick up an all-black variant of the Ray Gun. Doing away with the traditional burgundy body and mechanical trimmings, this surprising iteration of the weapon is most likely a visual bug within the game.


Got an all black ray gun after killing an invisible orda 😀 from CODZombies

Through multiple pack-a-punch upgrades, Cold War Zombies allows the Ray Gun to shed its standard colors for vibrant, reactive camouflages. This is the most common and recognized method of altering the Ray Gun’s appearance.

However, we wouldn’t mind if this badass variant became the norm in the future.