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Call of Duty Vanguard riot shield glitch is actually perfect counter to shotgun abusers

Published: 15/Nov/2021 18:27

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally here and while players have been grinding they discovered a riot shield glitch that is the perfect counter to shotgun abusers.

Vanguard was released on November 5 bringing 20 different multiplayer maps and tons of weapons.

Despite all the weaponry, players have quickly realized that the Combat Shotgun is one of the most broken guns in the game.

People are constantly running around with it dropping V2 Rockets in literal seconds but a bug with the riot shield may finally shut down these rampant shotguns.

Riot shield Vanguard
The shield in Vanguard is glitched, blocking shotgun bullets that are supposed to hit.

Vanguard riot shield bug counters shotgun users 

In Vanguard, players have reported that hitboxes are broken and hit-register isn’t working like it’s supposed to.


Now players have found a game-breaking glitch that makes the riot shield the perfect shotgun counter. This Reddit post by ‘blaiirzze’ shows how the shield blocks shotgun bullets from nearly every direction.

The Riot Shield hitbox is currently broken against shotguns. You need to be facing them head on to do any damage at all. from CODVanguard

In the clip, you see the player testing this out in a custom lobby. They are a couple of meters away from the enemy and firing shotgun pellets right in their face but not getting any hits.

Despite the riot shield being on their back, it is blocking the shots from coming in. It appears that if any of the bullets hit the shield then it will negate all the damage.


While this can be extremely frustrating if you are the one shooting, it can actually be really useful when playing on small maps like Das Haus. On that map, there are typically tons of players flying around with shotguns and this can be the perfect counter as kills can be denied.

Sledgehammer Games has yet to identify this as a problem and if this isn’t intended gameplay, then we can expect the devs to patch it out soon.