CoD pro Shotzzy buys Warzone teammates new monitors after hearing they played on TVs

Shotzzy on YouTubeYouTube: Shotzzy

OpTic Gaming movement king Shotzzy offered to buy his Warzone teammates some high-end gaming monitors to help them out after learning they played on 65” TV screens.

When it comes to getting the most out of Warzone, the top players are pushing every part of their setup. Whether its a custom PC build, top-of-the-range mouse and keyboard, or monitors tuned for gaming with high-refresh rates in mind, there’s always something to help boost performance that little bit extra.

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So when Shotzzy encountered some strangers one day on Rebirth Island, he had to learn about their gaming rigs. Joking that his auto-fill teammates were all playing on PS4s with “their mum’s big TV,” he soon found out he wasn’t far from the mark.

Two of the players on his squad let him know they were playing on 50 inch and 65 inch TV screens respectively. After laughing it off, Shotzzy soon made a wager. If this team could pull out the win, he’d upgrade their setup with some fresh monitors.

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“If we win, I’ll buy both of you guys monitors alright?” Shotzzy said early into the match. “Alright chill MrBeast,” one the players joked in response. Without knowing who Shotzzy was, they were both skeptical of the offer at first.

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But as the lobby progressed and they continued to pile up kills, the win was well within reach. Bantering along the way, the ragtag group made it work and before long, they managed to close out the lobby with an emphatic victory. Shotzzy himself even dropping 18 kills to help get there.

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Sending them friend requests and chatting after the match, the OpTic star made good on his promise. He guided them to his Twitch channel where they quickly realized they were playing with ‘Scump’s teammate.’

“He’s seriously streaming,” one of them said. “This is crazy.” Their day had just turned around completely by luck as Warzone’s matchmaking system just so happened to send Shotzzy their way. Now with a win on their record, they were able to ask for just about any gaming monitor that caught their eye and Shotzzy was there to put the order in.

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