CoD MW3 players blast open cover missions as “sheer laziness”

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Modern Warfare 3 gameplay

Modern Warfare 3 players are putting the devs on blast, slamming the game’s open cover campaign missions as “sheer laziness.”

Earlier in October, Modern Warfare 3’s beta gave players a glimpse of what’s to come for the next year of Call of Duty. While the game was received more positively than not, Modern Warfare 3‘s early access campaign seems to have killed the hype, with initial reactions less than satisfied.

So far, some have slammed the devs for “2009 graphics quality”, while others hit out at them for several bugs that are “plaguing” the early access. Not only that, but players are now putting the devs on blast, calling them out for their “sheer laziness”.

MW3 players slam campaign as “sheer laziness”

In a November 2 Reddit thread, one MW3 player claimed the open cover missions in the game’s campaign is a cover for the devs’ “sheer laziness.”

“These missions are so uninspired and lazy,” they hit out. “It’s just a snippet of the Warzone map with random objectives to run around press X on. The original MW campaigns were memorable due to their sheer scale and memorable scripted moments.”

In their opinion, they claimed the open cover missions were the worst part of MW2’s campaign, and are even worse in this year’s Call of Duty.

Furthermore, the player compared missions to that of the original Modern Warfare 3, which campaign they say is one of the most memorable in Call of Duty history.

“The opening missions of the original MWIII literally had WW3 happening and a huge attack on NYC where you were taking back downtown Manhattan and infiltrating submarines in the harbor,” they said. “The Paris mission on the bridge holding out while the Eiffel Tower collapses is one of the most memorable COD sequences ever.

“Here, we just walk around by ourselves in an empty port opening crates to “loot” and then putting trackers on container. The second open combat mission I finished in like 5 minutes sprinting around to 3 objectives.”

They added: “It’s an uninspired and lazy mess and an excuse to forgo creating well-crafted set pieces and any greater sense of scale. They just take a map they made for Warzone, drop some stupid AI in the middle, and send you on fetch quests. Basically solo DMZ masquerading as a campaign.”

It certainly isn’t the first wave of complaints we’ve seen for MW3’s campaign, with other players slamming the campaign as “Warzone with cutscenes.”

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