Major slide exploit in Black Ops Cold War gives player super speed

Sliding in Black Ops Cold WarTreyarch

It hasn’t taken long for players to work out the most broken and overpowered ways to move around the map in Black Ops Cold War, and we’re still only in the beta.

Anyone who has paid attention to the competitive side of Call of Duty over recent years will likely have heard the term ‘slide-canceling.’ If you haven’t, it’s essentially a movement exploit which allows the player to move around the map quickly, but also be gun-up, ready for a fight in an instant.

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Understandably, it’s drawn the ire of pro players and amateurs, who largely blame the developers for making the exploit possible, rather than the players exploiting it.

And, still in the beta for Black Ops Cold War, players have already identified a new sliding trick, which sees the character slide around the map at super-speed – something that will definitely need adjusting.

Black Ops Cold War BetaActivision
It hasn’t taken players long to identify a movement exploit in the Cold War beta.

Of course, this is partly what a beta is for – so that the developers, Treyarch, can find these problems and eradicate them. Often, issues such as these only crop up when there are millions of players stress-testing the game.

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Cold War infinite slide exploit

This exploit, shared on Twitter by @madvillainydoom, shows the player sliding, jumping, and instantly landing into a slide again, with no cooldown.

The Twitter user even tagged a handful of CoD pros, perhaps hopeful that bringing the exploit to a wider audience would get it patched sooner rather than later.

Black Ops games particularly have had their problems with sliding exploits. The infamous ‘g-slide’ had to be patched out of Black Ops III after it became prolific.

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YouTuber NuttyMags describes the trick as a “double slide cancel”, and demonstrates that it can even be performed sideways.

Presumably, it’s not an intentional mechanic, so with enough attention brought to it, Treyarch should patch it soon. However, it might be here to stay for the duration of the beta.

Black Ops Cold War launches fully on November 13.

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