CoD Challengers players blast “unacceptable” ticket scalping

Call of Duty ChallengersCall of Duty League

CoD Challengers players attempted to buy CDL Major 1 Team Passes so their teams could compete in the Challengers Open, but ticket scalping presented an unwarranted roadblock.

Members of the CDL community have been outspoken in their disapproval of Activision’s handling of esports.

For instance, OpTic H3CZ claimed Activision “gave up” on preparing MW2 for the CDL 2023 season, and the developers changed the CDL map rotation after massive backlash from pros. The first MW2 Call of Duty Challengers Cup event was also delayed because of CDL ruleset issues.

The Call of Duty League is again facing scrutiny, as ticket scalpers allegedly purchased most of the Major 1 Challengers Team passes and are reselling them for upwards of $1000.

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CoD Challengers players call out ticket scalping

call of duty league 2022 atlanta fazeActivision / Twitter, @CODLeague
The 2023 CDL season begins on December 2. reported, “many challengers players in the Call of Duty Scene are upset due to scalpers buying the majority of team passes and reselling them for $1000 plus.”

The tweet included screenshots of numerous member of the CoD challengers scene making these claims.

Pro CoD player “FeLo,” claimed, “I’m actually astonished. I’ve been competing for almost a decade, and this is the first time I can safely say I might not attend an event because of a “Team Pass.”

Prominent CoD Challengers player “Hamza” stated, “Most of the top seeds in NA and EU can’t even purchase a team pass. Can we each get a reserved team pass, as we have had in the past? This issue shouldn’t even be a thing.”

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We will provide an update if the Call of Duty League responds to the allegations of ticket scalping.