CoD 2021 Warzone map locations potentially leaked for Vanguard

Connor Bennett
Warzone characters and a World War 2 character

A brand new leak for Call of Duty 2021: Vanguard has claimed to reveal a whole host of map locations for the rumored pacific-themed Warzone map coming with the new game.

While Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War continue to go from strength to strength, there are plenty of Call of Duty fans looking forward to whats coming next.

According to different leaks and reports, the next CoD title will be known as Vanguard and take players back to a World War II setting, with boots on the ground being key.

Given that Warzone has become such a vital part of the CoD universe, there have been plenty of questions about how the new game will incorporate it, and if we’ll get a whole new map to celebrate the jump back in time.

CoD WWII gameplay
Call of Duty Vanguard is expected to be a traditional WWII game.

Some leakers initially said no, we wouldn’t get a new map, but more recent reports from VGC have stated that a new map will be coming and will be both larger than Verdansk and “set in the Pacific theatre of World War II.”

Now, a new leak from dataminers Nanikos and Glitchy has claimed to reveal a whole host of map locations that would be coming as a part of this huge update.

It includes locations such as Airfield, Beach Head, Docks, Lagoon, Village, and Radio Station, as well as a whole host of others.

Leaked Warzone map POI’s in CoD: Vanguard

  • Arsenal
  • Airstrip
  • Airfield
  • Beach Head
  • Caldera
  • Capital
  • Docks
  • Farms
  • Lagoon
  • Mines
  • Villages
  • Radio Station
  • Subpen

While there’s no way to say for certain that the leak is spot on, the dataminer has been incredibly reliable in the past, so there may well be some truth to it.

Additionally, similar leaks have suggested that the multiplayer Headquarters lobby and Kar98 will also return in Vanguard.

As ever, we’ll have to wait and see if they end up being correct once the new game launches.

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