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CoD pro Jurd witnesses stunning glitch with Black Ops 4’s Gravity Slam

Published: 19/Nov/2018 15:21 Updated: 19/Nov/2018 15:33

by Matt Porter


Call of Duty professional player Jordan ‘Jurd’ Crowley was left stunned by an incredible glitch with Ruin’s Gravity Slam on Black Ops 4.

Jurd and his Splyce team were taking on 100 Thieves on Frequency Control with 100T on the defensive side. Crowley attempted to break into Capture Zone A, taking down Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams as he slid back and forth around the zone and tried to avoid getting killed.

With 100 Thieves contesting the zone, Jurd spotted Sam ‘Octane’ Larew and Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat pushing towards the capture area from their spawn.

Jurd competing at CWL Birmingham as part of Splyce.

Thinking quickly, the Irishman decided this was the right time to use Ruin’s Gravity Slam – a specialist ability where the character slams into the ground, killing any enemies in the vicinity.

Unfortunately for Jurd, things didn’t work out quite as he had expected, as he could only watch in horror as his character slammed down the Gravity Slam to absolutely no effect, dealing no damage to any of his opponents.

We’re not sure what caused this crazy glitch to happen, but Treyarch Senior Game Designer Matt Scronce was quick to follow up, calling the incident “odd” and confirming that he planned to “check it out.”

The Irish player has been at the forefront of European Call of Duty since 2013, when he joined Epsilon Esports. Since then, Jurd has gone on to compete for TCM, Millenium and even Team Envy before joining Splyce in 2016.

Jurd has since moved to America to continue his association with the organization, and will be competing as part of Splyce’s international roster for the Black Ops 4 season.

Splyce are currently competing in the CMG Prodown tournament, where they find themselves in the final four heading into the final day of the online competition.

Call of Duty

Renegades announce new CoD roster ahead of second Challengers season

Published: 31/Oct/2020 14:17 Updated: 31/Oct/2020 14:20

by Joe Craven


Esports organisation Renegades have revealed their Call of Duty roster for the second season of the CDL’s Challengers Series, including players from last year’s Paris Legion roster. 

The switch from the Call of Duty World League to the Call of Duty League represents the greatest shake-up competitive CoD has ever seen. While latter tournaments in the CWL involved an amateur tournament running parallel to the main one, the introduction of Challengers’ Series gives a greater formalisation to competition below the best of the best.

With franchised spots in the CDL costing millions, it’s no surprise that some big name esports organisations have found themselves competing in the Challengers Series. One of these orgs is Renegades, the Detroit-based esports team that has come in and out of competitive CoD in recent years.

Renegades logo against black backrgound
Renegades have come and gone from the Call of Duty pro scene in the past.

On October 31, they announced their CoD roster for the upcoming Black Ops Cold War season, which will be the second season of the CDL and its accompanying Challenger Series.

Perhaps the biggest name in the new roster is Luke ‘Louqa’ Rigas, who represented Paris Legion in the CDL last year. It was an up-and-down year for the Paris Legion, who managed a second place finish at the online CDL Week 12 London event.

He is also joined by ex-Paris teammate Conrad ‘Shockz’ Rymarek, who is best known for his five years with Australian organisation Mindfreak from 2014 to 2019.

Rounding off the roster are Lincoln ‘Fighta’ Ferguson and Amer ‘Pred’ Zulbeari, making a fully Australian roster. The nationalities of all players means they will likely compete in the APAC region of the Challengers Series.

While Shockz and Louqa come off the back of mixed fortunes in the CDL, Fighta and Pred both joined Renegades in January of 2020. In the somewhat weaker field of APAC competition, their Renegades roster dominated the region’s Challenger tournaments during the Modern Warfare season.

Replacing half the team with CDL standard pros means it’s likely we’ll see similar domination this year, barring any shock performances from the other APAC teams.