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Censor opens up about being dropped by compLexity and what the future holds

Published: 4/Oct/2018 16:44 Updated: 4/Oct/2018 16:51

by Matt Porter


Former compLexity Call of Duty player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has opened up about his departure from the organization, and what he’s hoping to do heading into Black Ops 4.

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Censor was officially released by compLexity on Tuesday, October 2, alongside teammates Richard ‘Ricky’ Stacey and Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic.

In a video uploaded to Martin’s YouTube channel, the Call of Duty star stated that compLexity didn’t want to release the trio, saying: “compLexity wanted to keep me, Ricky and Blazt. They really wanted to keep us around.”

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The American confirmed that the exit of Dashy, who left to join OpTic Gaming, made it difficult to acquire players because “Ricky, Blazt and I don’t have the highest stock amongst the Pro League.” 


With it becoming increasingly difficult to attract players, compLexity decided to switch focus and look at other possibilities inside the CoD scene.

Currently, Censor is uncertain of what he’ll be doing during Black Ops 4. Censor stated: “Hopefully it’s all going to work out for me. I don’t know what the next step is going to be, there are some options that I’m looking at, but it’s really difficult.”

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While the organization’s decision to move away from their established CoD lineup has left Censor without a team, he doesn’t hold any hard feelings against compLexity, thanking them for the way they treated him, and stated that he wished them all the best.


The new Call of Duty season is set to kick off on Friday, December 7 in Las Vegas, and it will be interesting to see who Censor is teaming with when that event begins.

As for compLexity, they have confirmed they hope to stay in the Call of Duty esports scene, but the change to 5v5 has already pushed some established organizations out, and compLexity may follow suit.