Joe Rogan roasts FaZe Censor over Yanet Garcia breakup

UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan has been discussing the widely publicized break up of professional Call of Duty player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin and Yanet Garcia.

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Rogan had former MMA fighter Brendan Schaub on as a guest when they began to talk about Garcia, who became an internet sensation after videos of her doing weather forecasts in Mexico gained attention.

When discussing Garcia, Rogan’s assistant Jamie Vernon interjected with the news that Yanet Garcia had actually broken up with her pro gamer boyfriend, Censor.

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Rogan responded: “She was dating a nerd? That’s amazing. Nerds are coming up! Those Call of Duty nerds are coming up!”

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Vernon then informed Rogan and Schaub that Martin had actually broken up with Garcia, as he intended to focus on his Call of Duty career. The pair immediately pulled up a picture of Martin, and seemed to be shocked by what they found.

“He’s a handsome fellow. Look at him, he’s jacked,” commented Rogan. “I’m confused. How do you pass up on her? There must be something wrong with his brain.”

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“He must have just got tired of her,” theorised Rogan. Schaub agreed, saying: “There’s someone out there tired of Beyoncé, you know what I’m saying? People get sick of it.”

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The news of the end of the relationship between Censor and Garcia made waves back in July, with a number of mainstream media platforms picking up the story.