Censor explains why he “truly believes” he’ll win in CoD next year

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Popular Call of Duty, and believes he has what it takes to win the CDL Championship in the 2020 season.

Censor, who has won multiple major titles in past years, has announced that he will be looking to return to competition with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on October 25.

The former professional player has previously taken breaks to focus on his YouTube channel, but with the franchised league kicking off, Censor seems adamant on competing at the highest level once again.

Complexity / TwitterCensor competed last under the compLexity Gaming brand in the WWII season.

Censor is already feeling confident in his return even declaring that he believes he will win the inaugural CDL Championship in 2020 if he manages to find his way onto a franchise team.

Despite being met with some doubt from competitive Call of Duty fans, who have not seen the former FaZe pro compete since WWII, Censor remained certain that he has what it takes, telling fans he “truly believes” he could win in Modern Warfare.

Censor also uploaded a clip of his major win against OpTic Gaming in the first event of the Advanced Warfare season, MLG Columbus, where he managed to pull off an incredible play in the final round of the Search and Destroy to secure FaZe Clan the trophy.

“This was the last championship I won. 5 years ago. This was the final time I was ever in a position with a capable team to win.” Censor expressed, before revealing something held him back from competition after his win, “It still to this day really blows my mind what happened to me immediately after this tournament and I’ll never be able to tell any of you what it was.”

The Call of Duty star then explained to fans how passionate he was about his return to competition, adding, “I just want you all to really understand how much being a COD pro means to me. I’ve waited over 5 years to be in a position with a capable team. If you don’t think I care or that I don’t have what it takes, you have another thing coming.”

Censor revealed his plans for the Modern Warfare season, which start with him joining a CoD franchise, claiming that he would work his way up from a substitute position if needed to compete at the highest level.

He then revealed that if he succeeds in his journey to win CoD Champs at the end of the season, he intends to write a book documenting what would be an incredible comeback from the former pro player.

With the first official transfer period recently opening for players to be signed to the franchised teams, we likely won’t have too much longer to find out if Censor finds himself on a team going into the 2020 season.

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