Censor Accidentally Leaks New OpTic CoD Roster After SiLLY Forgets to Turn Off Stream

Albert Petrosyan

In a stunning revelation that is due to send shock-waves through the competitive Call of Duty community, the new OpTic Gaming roster has apparently been leaked.

CompLexity Gaming player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin accidentally revealed OpTic’s new roster on the stream of Evil Geniuses player Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo, believing that the stream was turned off.

The new OpTic roster will apparently feature Team Kaliber’s Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni and Luminosity Gaming’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew.

Judging by the fact that both are main Assault Rifle players, they would theoretically replace current OpTic players Mathew ‘FormaL’ Piper and Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, both of whom have been heavily linked with a move.

The news was unintentionally leaked on SiLLY’s stream after the other members in the call – Octane, Methodz, Censor, and FaZe’s Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto – believed the stream was shut off or muted. 

Apparently, once everyone realized that the stream was still live, SiLLY deleted the VOD and the last 6 months of clips. However, Reddit user ‘Che23bacca’ managed to snag a video of the conversation.


Another Reddit post, made by user ‘clarence0193,’ breaks down the majority of the intel that was leaked on SiLLY’s stream.

Major intel leak from Silly’s stream. Silly left without muting his stream and the members in the call thought he had left (Octane, Methodz, Doug, Zooma) and dropped major intel on OpTics roster.

  1. Methodz is the 4th
  2. Octane went to Dallas to film his segment of vision. He has since returned home.
  3. Octane doesn’t get why Zinni is catching so much heat from CoD/OpTic fans. He thinks he is nasty
  4. Zooma explains that he got a payrise to stay of FaZe. He wanted to be part of the OG squad with Methodz heading to FaZe. He explains that the move would have been great for his CoD career. Methodz acknowledges this. Doug says he made the right decision because, though OpTic is a better team for CoD, FaZe is the better brand overall, in his opinion.
  5. Methodz thinks their team will be nasty with this current meta. Octane agrees.
  6. They all realise that Silly has left his mic on and is streaming and collectively facepalm.
  7. Edit. Forgot to mention, they start scrimming tomorrow, according to Octane.



All of this information, which was apparently said live on the stream, seems to match actual events in recent days. 

Octane has been missing from recent LG scrims and had been “temporarily” replaced by FormaL. 

Also, OpTic’s next episode of ‘Vision’ is due to come out on Sunday, May 6th, which lines up with what is being said about Octane being in Texas to take part in it.

Moreover, the post also explains why ZooMaa and FaZe decided to stick together after the player was heavily rumored to be joining OpTic.

However, it would be wise to wait for official confirmation by the organizations and players involved before any finalized consideration is given to these intel leaks.

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