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CDL Challengers Champs final placements: NA, EU, APAC results

Published: 9/Aug/2021 16:41

by Jacob Hale


With the CDL’s regular season finished and the lead-up to the CDL Playoffs underway, the best Challengers teams in the world took to the server to prove they’re worthy of spots in the big leagues.

We’ve seen countless talents rise up from the Challengers ranks and become dominant CDL names since the launch of the league in 2020.

It goes to show just how many insane Call of Duty players there are out there, with so many names fighting to earn their spot among the best.

Across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions, many top players etched their names in the history books, putting on a show and letting their gameplay explain why they should be in the league. Here are the top placements in each region, but you can also find full results at CoD Gamepedia.


NA Call of Duty Challengers finals results

Placement Prize Team Roster
1 $40,000 We Are Trying Now Mohak, Prolute, Spart, Saints
2 $20,000 Built By Gamers KiSMET, GodRx, Pandur, Pentagrxm
3 $12,000 Arial Arise 2Real, Zyyral, Infamous, MRuiz
4 $8,000 Team Canada Royalty, Xotic, Davpadie, FeLo
5-6 $5,000 LAG Academy Nero, Exceed, Maux, Cheen
5-6 $5,000 Professionals Methodz, Decemate, Slacked, TJHaLy
7-8 $2,000 EastR GRVTY, Jurd, Sib, Venom
7-8 $2,000 Lore Gaming Parasite, Ramby, Perform, Yeez
9-12 $1,000 Shady Kings Brack, Fire, Hamza, Gunsiii
9-12 $1,000 Trash Bros Mock, Jintroid, Ulisses, Hollow
9-12 $1,000 UYU Cruze, Noysii, Wellyy, Wand
9-12 $1,000 uT Crew Phantomz, Wrecks, Archivs, Jimbo,
13-16 $500 DTO x 1M Kyzer, Groovy, Bink, LlamaGod
13-16 $500 Brick Boys Mind, General, Mayhem, Whiz
13-16 $500 Unjustified Zinx, Estreal, 47, Proto
13-16 $500 KC Pioneers Destiny, Kade, Censor, Anthrax

The players of ‘We Are Trying Now’ — formerly the New York Subliners Academy team — took home the gold and the lion’s share of the grand prize in North America.

They dropped just six maps across the entire tournament, but won 3-0 in both the Winners Final and Grand Final, topping off a dominant run.

EU Call of Duty Challengers finals results

Placement Prize Team Roster
1 $40,000 The Atlas Lions Gismo, Harry, Nastie, Vortex
2 $20,000 Amelia Strays Chaaxter, Piero, Callum, Beans
3 $12,000 Las Pepes Jambo, RenKoR, Traudey, Zappy
4 $8,000 Los Pepes Fussion, Torress, envdiaN, Wailers
5-6 $5,000 Elevate Bidz, Denza, Hicksy, Weeman
5-6 $5,000 Mav3ricks Gaming Club Sukry, EriKBooM, SupeR, Vikul
7-8 $2,000 Team WaR JurNii, Lucky, MettalZ, YaKo
7-8 $2,000 Belgium Power Abuzah, Breszy, Linney, Maple
9-12 $1,000 Clutch Rayn Esport VriZix, Nadox, Depaa, Twizz
9-12 $1,000 Team Joshh Furiious, Joshh, Nolson, Wardy
9-12 $1,000 The Originals Grad, Hawqeh, Rafi, Chain
9-12 $1,000 gutter utd RossJ, RunneR, PeeJay, TheoJ
13-16 $500 Snow Leopards KidzZ, Mythix, Nevo, Vital
13-16 $500 Team TWISTED Disarray, FDZiE, LewTee, Saiyan
13-16 $500 Hot Tub Meta Defrag, Zer0, Dqvee, Henry
13-16 $500 Team Moon BBConor, Genesis, Keza, Peatie

One of the most exciting grand finals you’ll see in a long time, Atlas Lions beat Amelia Strays in back-to-back best of fives to be named champions of Europe.

They’ve made a habit of doing it the hard way, but Atlas Lions are full of insane talent, and CDL scouts will have been watching the players from both teams intently.


APAC Call of Duty Challengers finals results

Placement Prize Team Roster
1 $ 20,000 Renegades Fighta, Pred, Shockz, Louqa
2 $ 10,000 Vertex Gaming Immense, Crimzah, Lymax, CronusKun
3 $ 7,500 Mindfreak Osprey, ManOfChicken, Middoh, Sponsord
4 $ 5,000 FragEmpire Swifty, Restalling, Setzyy, Zepa
5-6 $ 2,500 Next Up Spaydz, Imagine, Stocka, AlkaZah
5-6 $ 2,500 JHR Revenge Tour Jazhn, Replyd, BuZZO, JamesJHR
7-8 $ 1,250 4 Pockets Full Dellemaa, Danelkoo, PotatoWiFi, Dom
7-8 $ 1,250 Cyclops Leisia, Ngt, Nicochan, Moke

Who else but Renegades? They’ve won just about everything this season, and not one person was surprised to see them lift the trophy once again at the Challengers Finals.They lost two maps the entire tournament — both to second place Vertex Gaming — to ensure there were absolutely no question marks over who the best team in the APAC region is.

Don’t be surprised to see some of the above players take to the CDL stage next season, especially if the highly anticipated league expansion does happen.

There’s some serious talent in the Challengers scene, and impressive performances here might have just earned them some huge contracts.