Cammy explains why CDL teams need to stop ignoring European talent

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Cameron ‘Cammy’ McKilligan has been a standout MVP candidate for Toronto Ultra during the 2021 CDL season, and is a testament to the incredible Call of Duty talent coming out of Europe. But, he says, the region needs to be looked at more from other CDL franchises.

With the global health situation still ongoing, players from different regions haven’t had much opportunity to compete against one another, instead locked in against their more local opponents.

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With the majority of the competition taking place in North America for much of CoD’s history, that tends to be where the best players are, and Europeans and players further afield have often felt as though they’re overlooked.

This sentiment isn’t dying any time soon, by the looks of it, with Cammy sticking up for his brothers across the pond.

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Toronto are a rare case of a European team that can truly challenge for championships.

In an exclusive chat with Andrew ‘Enigma’ Campion for Reverse Sweep, Cammy explains how Toronto’s impressive CDL performances prove that Europe shouldn’t be overlooked.

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“There’s definitely more opportunities that need to be given to some players in Europe,” the Scot explained. “I think people need to start taking more risks rather than going with ‘veterans’ that have just been about for ages.”

He continues: “It was really hard for Europeans to get in the league, especially with the way stuff was [in the past]. I think the fact that I got in the league in Black Ops 4 was pure luck. There were barely ever any Europeans who got a chance in the league.”

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Cammy went on to explain that he believes the CDL system will always offer more opportunities to North American players, but he thinks “a lot more people” are starting to pay attention to EU Challengers.

The current Ultra team are a rare case of a truly incredible European team that are capable of challenging for championships, something EU fans don’t often get to celebrate.

Next season could be different though, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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