Call of Duty Warzone slang terms & call-outs streamers use

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call of duty warzone slang terms

Call of Duty players have long had their own language and Warzone seems to have its own dialect. In case you’re confused by streamers, or just want to be up-to-date, we’ve compiled the most popular slang terms and call-outs across Verdansk.

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Time is essential when you’re in the heat of battle; so, any time saved by shortening your dialogue can prove critical. As such, it should be no surprise that CoD enthusiasts have diverse, organic verbiage that transcends multiplayer and Warzone.

Here, we’re focusing on the terminology you may hear from streamers on Verdansk. But it’s worth noting that like much slang, these words’ linguistic parameters are fluid. Many of these will continue to evolve in their usage and many can be adapted to fit any type of speech (e.g. “chalk” will be used as both a verb and “chalked” as its adjective).

The first section will span CoD slang that has risen in prominence throughout Warzone streams since the game’s inception. The second section will surround certain notable location call-outs. Slang is organic and nebulous so neither section is exhaustive, but they should provide a strong foundation.

warzone battle
Communicating can be hard during big fights, so it’s good to use small words.

Call of Duty: Warzone slang terms

  • Beam (noun/verb): refers to a gun that shoots incredibly straight or can be used as a verb to suggest someone was shot directly.
  • Bertha (n): sometimes known as “Big Bertha” or shortened to “Bertha,” this refers to the Cargo Trucks found around Verdansk.
  • Bot (n): a bad player, specifically one whose gameplay is predictable enough to easily outduel.
  • Bouncing Betty (n): a proximity mine.
  • Breaking cameras (v): when someone does something that grants them an easier perspective than servers will allow you to, with your POV seeing little of them while theirs sees a lot of you. Easy examples include jumping around a corner and snaking a head-glitch.
  • Chalk (v): as a verb, this means to “end” something. As an adjective, “chalked” would mean that something is over. You can say “let’s chalk it” to suggest the game should be left and restarted or “this is chalked” to explain that a situation is un-winnable. 
  • Comms (n): silence, please. While “comms” traditionally is just shorthand for “communication,” it is now used most popularly when someone wants their teammates to shut up and clear the airways so that they can focus and hear what’s happening around them.
  • Cracked (adjective): really good. Typically in reference to someone who is playing like they’ve chugged some G-FUEL, making them equally amped up and focused.
  • Cracked (v): unlike chalk, cracked has two different meanings depending on how it’s used. When used as a verb, you’re saying that someone’s armor has been broken.
  • Ego chall (v): an evolution of the “chall” term for “challenge,” an ego chall is when you boldly challenge someone because your ego makes you think you can win the fight despite unideal odds.
  • Fried (v): burnt through someone’s armor and health. You can fry enemies or, unfortunately, get fried.
  • Heady (n): a head-glitch spot. If someone is on a heady then they’re abusing a spot (e.g. behind a desk) that makes their hitbox very small and hard to hit while offering them the chance to drop down and pop back up, breaking your camera as they shoot at you before you can really see them.
  • King (n): someone with a Most Wanted contract activated.
  • Laser (n/v): same as beam.
kilo 141 warzone class
This Kilo 141 class, one of Season 6’s most popular, is considered a laser at range.
  • Lost full (v): a short-hand version of “lost full composure,” for when you’re aware that you got tilted or lost focus.
  • Melts (v): induces great damage. This traditionally is most used for guns that “melt” people, evoking that the gun melts away health very quickly.
  • One-shot (adj): also known as “a bullet,” this refers to someone whose armor has been cracked and is now just one shot away from death. Notoriously overused, enemies are rarely one-shot when teammates say they are.
  • Rat (n): an annoying camper. Used most typically to suggest that someone is hiding and trying to avoid any fair fights.
  • Self-res (n/v): a short-hand version of “self-revive,” a more phonetically pleasing adaptation of “self-resurrection.”
  • Shreds (v): melts. Used to evoke the shredding of armor and health off of an opponent.
  • Sweaty (adj): someone who is trying very hard, likely sweating because of how intensely they’re playing. Can also be used as a noun, with a “sweat” being someone who is solely running meta weapons and playing at full intensity.
  • Tagged (v): got shots on someone. This is when you’ve hit someone a little, but not enough to crack them.
  • Twisted (adj): cracked, but the one with positive connotations.

Warzone location call-outs

  • 1 & 2: the two largest hangars, marked 1 and 2, near the Fire Station adjacent to Airport
  • Big Blue: While notoriously known as the large blue building between TV Station and Neighborhood, this just embodies a reusable call-out tactic: using colors and sizes to reference spots in your vicinity.
  • Cop: any of the police stations found around Verdansk.
  • Dealership: any of the multi-level car dealerships (like the one between Superstore and Airport), typically housing an SUV on the ground floor.
  • Diner: Also known as “burger” sometimes, these are the small, single-level restaurants that are found throughout the map. 
  • Electric: structured similarly to the dealerships, this refers to the multi-level building near Superstore.
warzone superstore electric
Electric refers to the multi-level building seen to the southeast of Superstore from this overhead perspective.
  • Millie: Military Base.
  • Neighborhood: the cluster of multi-level homes found between Stadium and TV station.
  • Pool House: the large building adjacent to Storage Town, which houses an emptied indoor pool
  • Public: shorthand for “Public House” and also known as “restaurant,” this refers to the two-level red buildings that have a bar on the ground floor.
  • Virgin: also known as “virgin towers,” refers to the two tallest buildings located in the center of Torsk Bloc.
warzone bloc 6 public house
One of Warzone’s Public House locations. This one is in Bloc 6.

And there you have it, while not entirely exhaustive, these slang terms and callouts should give you a strong foundation for understanding what on earth streamers are talking about when flying around Verdansk.

Of course, all of these expressions are subject to change and evolve, but knowing some of them in their current state of parlance could be helpful and, hopefully, save you some time when notching kills in Warzone

And, if you and your friends are struggling to get back into the game after getting killed, check out our article breaking down Gulag-specific call-outs.

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