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Call of Duty pros livid about changes & bugs discovered in silent update

Published: 6/Jun/2020 0:42 Updated: 7/Jun/2020 13:56

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty League players have discovered a set of secret changes to the game that were pushed through in a silent update and are now furious with developers for a lack of transparency.

After the CDL thrilled its players by granting them a 60hz GB integrated ladder to scrim on instead of the former 12hz servers, the league’s professionals are now bothered by concerns with a contrastingly unprofessional update that they didn’t know was coming. 

The NBA has never secretly changed the distance of the three-point line or the points allocated per free throw (partially because the players’ union would never allow it). But Infinity Ward’s spontaneous change to Call of Duty’s spawn locations and Trophy Systems is now being dubbed yet “another infamous silent spawn patch” by legendary veteran, the Dallas Empire’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter.


The spawn changes are infuriating for the game’s top players, as teams devise entire game-plans around what spawns they want to secure or force their opponents into. Changing these without telling anyone about it can be seen as a disservice to the hours these players have poured in.

This is evidenced by Trei “Zer0” Morris of the London Royal Ravens, who had a simple, yet emphatic response to the spawn changes: “Cannot believe my eyeballs on what we are dealing with this year.”

As for the changes that wholly impact everyone – not just professionals – there seems to be a bug caused by the latest unspoken update in which Trophy Systems now no longer do their job.

Dylan “MadCat” Daly of the Royal Ravens was one of the first to notice this, tweeting, “Now trophies don’t work, I’m laughing myself into tears here.” As evidenced by these reactions, players would much rather hear about prospective changes beforehand rather than discover them during games.

Nick Nolson, who plays with Daly’s Challengers team, was quick to provide evidence of the equipment bug, showing a clip in which a grenade thrown well within the traditional range of his deployed Trophy System manages to pass by unscathed and kill him.

While Crimsix has posited that the spawn changes and removal of Domination’s “last-second ticks” may only be on the CDL’s scrim servers, he remained dissatisfied and asked that changes be “relayed through the proper channels” in the same Twitter thread.

Changing the game is fine, even encouraged, as CoD pros are quick to settle on “Gentlemen’s Agreements” when developers are slow to enact changes—but the league’s players appear to prefer that adjustments happen transparently and following open dialogue. 

Call of Duty

Best Warzone kills against cheaters exploiting the Stim glitch

Published: 18/Jan/2021 5:12

by Theo Salaun


Taking matters into their own hands, some of Call of Duty: Warzone’s bravest players have, quite literally, gone out of their way to punish cheating exploiters who abuse the notorious Stim glitch.

As most Warzone fans have become familiar with by now, there is an unlimited Stim Shot glitch that pops into existence, gets patched out, and then returns every once in a while. The bug allows you to use an infinite amount of Stim Shots, enabling players to remain in the gas indefinitely and secure easy wins while those who play fairly die to the final circles.

Unfortunately, as time passes, more and more exploiters have become aware of the glitch and prone to abusing it. Fortunately, more and more players with competitive integrity have become aware of those exploiters and prone to exacting justice by punishing them.

While few things are more satisfying than a high-kill Warzone victory, one such thing is the cathartic sensation of a cheater being killed and therefore robbed of their illegitimate win. Highlighted by one of Warzone’s very best, Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James, here are the best kills against Stim glitch exploiters.

Unwilling to be denied their 100-kill victory, Jukeyz and his team got set up with self-revives, gas masks, and a UAV to go seek out and eliminate the exploiter in their lobby. Driving directly into the toxic gas, Jukeyz is able to hop out (as his driver is downed by the green cloud) and delete the prone cheater.

And Jukeyz isn’t alone in obliterating these exploiters. Reddit’s ‘thebigeasy31’ decimated the hubris of one such exploiter, who brashly thought they could start Stim glitching earlier in the game with a Most Wanted contact on his head. Instead, bigeasy gave him a bullet to the head.

And last, but certainly not least, Reddit’s ‘Millertime166’ took it upon themself to pull off a one-man vigilante act by seeking out a Stim glitcher on Rebirth Island. Heading into the gas, copping a Gas Mask, and getting into a vehicle, Millertime used their last remaining HP to kill off a silly cheater who was hidden behind a wall.

Wasn’t about to let a stim glitcher steal my squads W from CODWarzone

While the Stim glitch was supposed to have been removed during the January 13 patch, some believe it persists, albeit in a more limited fashion. Nevertheless, most expect it could possibly make a return at some point.

If it does come back, these players prove that the game’s developers are not the only ones who can counteract cheaters. Like those who killed off exploiters who were abusing the Promenade truck glitch, Verdansk’s finest have begun carrying out their own brand of justice.