Call of Duty leaker claims Treyarch creating “F2P” title for 2023

call of duty black ops treyarchActivision

A Call of Duty leaker revealed that Black Ops Cold War studio Treyarch are developing a free-to-play CoD title for 2023. This would be the franchise’s third F2P game, following Warzone and CoD Mobile.

After the successes of Fortnite, Warzone, and other free-to-play titles whose profits depend on microtransactions, it’s no surprise that the industry is embracing F2P.

With reports that the 2023 CoD will be delayed, players have wondered what to expect from Activision in the meantime. This was expected to mark the first time in franchise history that CoD won’t have an annual release, or so we thought.

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Now, leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope’ has added some fuel to the fire of speculation. A third F2P game was already reported on in February 2022 and GhostOfHope claims it will be a new Treyarch title.

CoD leaker claims Treyarch building F2P Call of Duty for 2023

Back in February, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier explained that 2023 “will include a new free-to-play game.” This would come alongside the franchise’s already-planned F2P titles: Warzone 2 and the already-existing CoD Mobile.

GhostOfHope has now followed that up with a new parcel of information. According to the leaker, Treyarch are the ones tasked with this new F2P game and are “currently working” on it.

decimator shield in cod zombiesActivision
Treyarch are already tasked with leading Zombies content for Vanguard.

With GhostOfHope also noting that Treyarch’s next main title is still scheduled for 2024, this means they’ve got their hands full. The devs just released a Black Ops Cold War update and are still managing both Vanguard Ranked Play and Zombies.

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It remains uncertain what their F2P title will be, but the studio is obviously being entrusted with much of CoD’s present and future. With the team unlikely to make a F2P Blackout since Warzone 2 will be available, and if their 2024 game is another entry in the Black Ops series, then it seems this could be an entirely different foray.

At the moment, most speculation drives toward a second mobile CoD or, as many have hoped for, a free, PVE Zombies game.