Vanguard Ranked Play revealed: ELO system, Skill Divisions, Beta release date


Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Ranked Play has finally been revealed with some classic features like an ELO system, Skill Divisions, rewards, and more all on the way. Here’s a full rundown on everything there is to know.

It took over three months since Vanguard’s release, but a highly anticipated Ranked mode is finally coming to the FPS. This will give everyone the chance to play the CDL ruleset and compete to be the best in the world.

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Players have been asking for quite some time and requesting that certain features from Black Ops 2 and WW2 are implemented into the competitive playlist.

Good news for those who remained hopeful, Treyarch, who are in charge of developing ranked, have listened and are bringing back the ELO system, Skill Divisions, rewards, and more. Let’s take a look at everything to know about Vanguard’s competitive ladder.

Vanguard Ranked Play Beta release date

CoD Vanguard’s Ranked Play Beta was originally set to launch on Thursday, February 15. However, just hours out from its release, Treyarch announced the mode was delayed.

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A critical “stat-breaking issue” appeared late into testing, forcing the devs to postpone its launch. With Ranked now delayed in Vanguard, no updated release window has been established.

“Resolving this is a top priority and we’ll have an update on timing ASAP,” Treyarch assured.

Vanguard Ranked Play ELO system & Skill Divisions 

Skill Division in Vanguard rankedActivision
Here are the seven Skill Division in Vanguard ranked.

There are seven Skill Divisions with five tiers within each. To earn your placement, you must play five matches and the results will determine where you rank.

Ranked will use the popular ELO system to evaluate players and separate them accordingly. So, after you do those placement matches you will be able to see your exact Skill Rating (SR).

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Winning will help you climb the ladder faster, but personal performance will play a role in determining your rank (which can rise or fall). And later on, there will be a Top 250 leaderboard that features the best Vanguard players in the world.

Vanguard Ranked Play rewards

Vanguard Ranked rewardsActivision
This operator skin is one of many rewards from Vanguard ranked.

For anyone that competes in the competitive 4v4 setting, rewards will be earned based on how good you perform. This includes camos, weapon blueprints, operator skins, calling cards, and more.

All of the rewards can be used across Vanguard and Warzone. Additionally, those who reach the highest two divisions will earn exclusive prizes at the end of the season.

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