Infamous Warzone cheat provider to make hacking tools completely free

Warzone cheats addedActivision

Notorious Warzone cheat provider EngineOwning will be making hacks completely free as the battle with Activision’s Richochet wages on.

EngineOwning has been a major pain for Activision and Warzone players looking for a hacker-free experience, frequently selling new hacks to those who don’t want to play fair.

In January, the German site was hit with a massive lawsuit by Activision, alleging that their hacks had resulted in “millions of dollars” in damages.

However, the hack provider refused to back down and released new Call of Duty Vanguard cheats in response. Now, they announced that hacks will be free, right as Ricochet takes aim at those caught hacking in-game.

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EngineOwning announces Warzone hacks will be free

In a forum post, the site laid out its plans to combat Ricochet, including changes made to their Spoofer to prevent the anti-cheat from detecting hacks being used.

They went on to reveal that they would be releasing a free version of a Modern Warfare and Warzone cheat – something they claim would appeal to non-customers.

“The cheat will only have ESP and Radar with a limited range of 100, there will also be no Misc Features,” they announced. “The original version will still be available for purchase for those who prefer the complete cheating experience, and security of the paid version will not be affected by the free version.”

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Striker 45 being held by Ghost character in Modern WarfareActivision
Warzone could be about to get even more hackers.

The site further added that an Overwatch hack would be available soon, which could be bad news for Activision-Blizzard as a rumored OW2 beta seems to be fast approaching.

As the fight against cheaters wages on, this new development could certainly be a major twist, especially if the game sees a massive increase in hackers that could further push aggravated players to other titles.

Ricochet has been a pain for hackers, however, with the anti-cheat trolling them by making enemies invisible. We’ll have to see if Activision can keep it up or if the hacking groups end up pulling ahead once again.

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