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Call of Duty

Call of Duty insider gives update on rumored franchise rosters

Published: 8/Oct/2019 8:52 Updated: 8/Oct/2019 9:20

by Connor Bennett


Competitive Call of Duty insider ‘CDL Intel’ has revealed a number of new rumors surrounding rosters in the upcoming franchise league.

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With the Black Ops 4 season in the rearview mirror, the focus for Call of Duty esports has shifted towards Modern Warfare and the upcoming franchised league that is set to start in early 2020. 

The league, which has been confirmed as only having 12 teams for the inaugural season, has already opened its signing period for players – with London, New York, and Paris confirming their line-ups. As the wait goes on for official announcements, fans are clamoring for more early information from insiders like CDL Intel.


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MLGThe Scump and FormaL duo looks set to reunite in frachised CoD according to CDL Intel.

The popular Twitter account has been giving regular updates on what they hear, including the possibility of some players making over $26,000 per month in their new franchised contracts. 

There have also been rumors about further roster moves, with Toronto having between eight and ten players for their team, GRVTY and Jurnii possibly joining up with Atlanta, and Tinyy apparently headed for Minnesota. 

CDL Intel has also revealed what they’ve previously heard about possible coaches and game type analysts. Former OpTic coach Teepee may head to Chicago, Nubzy might be linking up with the Seattle team, Merk and Rambo are possibly coaching with Dallas, with MuTeX also joining them as the Search and Destroy analyst or possible substitute.


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The insider has, repeatedly, also shared the rosters that they’ve heard for each team – with this update being no different. 

All the rosters, expect the confirmed London, New York, and Paris squads, that have been reported by CDL Intel can be found below.

Note: These rosters are not confirmed, and remain only rumors.

  • Atalanta: aBeZy, Cellium, Priettaah, Simp, and MajorManiak
  • Chicago: Scump, FormaL, Envoy, Gunless, and Arcitys
  • Dallas: Huke, Crimsix, Clayster, iLLEY, and Shotzzy
  • Florida: Maux, Skyz, Prestinni, Frosty, and Havok
  • OpTic LA: Dashy, TJHaly, Kenny, SlasheR, and JKap
  • LA Kronke [Uncompleted]: Aches, Aqua, Saints, Decemate
  • Minnesota: Alexx, Asim, Silly, GodRX, and Assault
  • Seattle: Karma, Octane, Enable, Slacked, and apathy
  • Toronto: Loony, Methodz, Brack, Metalz, Luckky, CleanX, and others

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Of course, while CDL Intel has been reliable for information in the past, these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt until they are confirmed by their respective teams. 

Things can, and often do, change before the official announcement – so some moves could very well be in the pipeline for a number of teams that they haven’t heard just yet.