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Black Ops Cold War teaser confirms return of fan-favorite scorestreak

Published: 19/Dec/2020 12:20

by Joe Craven


A brand new Black Ops Cold War image has teased the return of a fan-favorite weapon, which looks likely to return as a scorestreak in Treyarch’s 2020 title. 

One of the most significant shake-ups to the Call of Duty formula in Black Ops Cold War is the scorestreaks, seeing typical points accumulation scrapped in favor of a longer, multi-life system. The new system prevents scorestreak spamming and early game usage, in favor of rewarding consistently positive players.

The merger with Warzone for Season One also saw the return of a fan-favorite streak – the H.A.R.P.. Known as the Blackbird, Orbital VSAT and HATR in past games, this advanced UAV offers a live look at enemy location and direction. It is one of the most powerful scorestreaks the Call of Duty series has ever seen.


HARP scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War
The H.A.R.P. sees the famous VSAT return in the 2020 title.

While the H.A.R.P.’s introduction to BOCW was fairly low key, Treyarch appears to have teased the reintroduction of a weapon,  likely to return as a scorestreak.

Flamethrower coming to Black Ops Cold War

Activision regularly release official screenshots showcasing new maps and weapons and, in one focusing on the return of Raid, players spotted the infamous flamethrower being used.

The screenshot focuses on the swimming pool side of Raid, with a XM4 user looking over the scorched environment. However, just down to the right of the main character another figure can be seen firing a flamethrower at a recently vanquished opponent.

Fans quickly picked up on it and took it as a concrete teaser that the flamethrower will soon be in Black Ops Cold War.


Raid from Black Ops Cold War
A flamethrower can be seen being used just below Raid’s hot tub.

While past Black Ops games have featured the flamethrower as a specialist weapon belonging to Firebreak, the absence of specialists in BOCW means it will likely return as a scorestreak.

We have already seen the War Machine (which belonged to Battery in Black Ops 3 and 4) return as a scorestreak, so there is a precedent for the flamethrower to follow. How it would feature in Warzone also remains to be seen, perhaps as a rare item that players can pick up and equip on discovery.

Given the fairly obvious teaser from Treyarch, it seems likely we’ll see the flamethrower added in the very near future.