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Black Ops Cold War leaker claims to reveal maps, weapons, features, more

Published: 25/Aug/2020 22:35

by Albert Petrosyan


A potentially massive leak has surfaced about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, one that’s revealed new details about the game’s maps, guns, scorestreaks, and other features.

The annual Call of Duty hype train is running full speed once again as the community waits with bated breath for the highly-anticipated release of Black Ops Cold War this fall.

While many of the details are expected to be announced in the official worldwide reveal on August 26, a huge leak has surfaced that’s pulled back the covers on some of the game’s fundamental aspects.

YouTubeSalvationElite’s Black Ops Cold War leak video was taken down by Activision.

The leak was released on August 25 by YouTuber SalvationsElite, who claims to have been sent the information from a “really reliable source,” although he stopped short of saying who that was and how they came to be in possession of the info. His YouTube video has since been deleted due to a copyright claim from Activision.


Black Ops Cold War leaked maps & modes

According to SalvationsElite’s source, there are three confirmed multiplayer maps in BOCW, the first being 6v6 map inside a sort-of “club” in the downtown area of Miami.

There’s apparently also one set in an open desert with unique features such as ammo crates where players can refill their ammunition and points where they can also change their loadouts mid-life.

The third map is a 12v12, large-scale Ground War map that supposedly features three gigantic warships in the open sea, each connected to each other by ziplines that players can use to get across the gaps.

TreyarchThe Black Ops Cold War leaker claims there will maps with water on them that players can swim through, just like in Black Ops 4.

As for the modes, Cold War is likely to feature the usual selection of multiplayer playlists, but the leaker specifically mentioned a few. Hardpoint will be back, as expected, but there’s apparently going to be an arrow that points players to the next hill each time.


There’s also a new one called VIP, which will work similarly to Safeguard in Black Ops 3 and 4, in that teams will be tasked with either securely transporting a high-value target to a designated location or stopping the opposition from trying to do the same.

Weapons, attachments & loadouts

The leak claims that there are already several guns that have been confirmed for BOCW multiplayer, including two assault rifles, three SMGs, one sniper rifle, and four whose category is yet unknown.

  • Assault rifles: M16-A2, AK5
  • SMG: MP5, AK74u, Uzi-style gun
  • Sniper: M40 (bolt-action)
  • Not sure on category: Type 63, Stoner 63, Type 15, Colt Commando

As for how the loadouts/classes will work, SalvationElite says that it’ll be a hybrid of the Black Ops 4 pick-10 and the system used in Modern Warfare, in that players will be able to put five attachments on both their guns without them taking up a slot.


Infinity WardThe MP5 will reportedly be returning again in Black Ops Cold War.

Perks & Field Upgrades

As for perks, each class will have the standard three slots for perks, and there’ll apparently be some that increase the number of attachments one can put on their weapon, up to seven.

Most fans will also be happy to hear that Dead Silence will be returning as a perk rather than being a Field Upgrade like in Modern Warfare. There will still be Field Upgrades, though, including proximity mines, trophy systems, and more.


Call of Duty titles have flip-flopped between using killstreaks and scorestreaks in multiplayer, but it appears that BOCW will feature a combination of the two. Streaks will still be based on the points earned from chaining consecutive kills, however, there will be multipliers that’ll increase how much each of those eliminations will be worth.


So, in short, while playing the objective won’t earn you streaks directly, it’ll make them easier to earn since you won’t have to get as many kills in a row. As for the streaks themselves, the leaker claims that the list will include the UAV, VTOL, Chopper Gunner, Cruise Missile, Napalm Strike, and Artillery Strike.

TreyarchThe old-school Black Ops 1 Napalm Strike streak is returning in Cold War, according to leaks.

Features & miscellaneous details

In addition to all the info above, the YouTube video also revealed a plethora of specific details about the game’s features and overall structure:

  • CIA vs Spetsnaz
  • EKIA is back (kills + assists count together like in BO4)
  • Movement is similar to BO4 (there’s sliding and slide cancelling)
  • 150 health, but TTK is faster than BO4
  • Full health regeneration (no stim)
  • “Strong” SBMM like in MW
  • Mini-map is normal again with red dots
  • You can swim in water
  • No specialists

That’s pretty much everything that was revealed in SalvationElite’s now taken-down video. Of course, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt since none of it can be confirmed until Activision themselves start rolling out the details.