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Black Ops 4: Reddit user shares brilliant idea to re-balance Armor Repair system in Blackout

Published: 14/Dec/2018 21:31 Updated: 14/Dec/2018 23:11

by Wyatt Donigan


Treyarch introduced a new Armor Repair system to Blackout with the v1.09 update, but it seems as though not everyone is happy about the change.

Prior to the v1.09 update to Black Ops 4, armor in Blackout had a finite durability that, once depleted, would destroy the armor completely.

The new system, however, allows players to collect armor repair pieces to keep their armor’s durability in tip-top shape.

Since the update released on December 10, some players feel that armor is too powerful now as players can continually keep their armor repaired and consistently make it into the final stages of a match with their level 3 armor intact.


This has led Reddit user ‘Cynnthetic’ to come up with an idea for a way to change armor to make things a bit more balance, saying that it should act more like the Trauma Kit healing item.

Level 3 armor should act like a trauma kit. It takes some bonus damage then can only be repaired back to a level 2 armor the same way you can only heal back to 150hp after a 200hp trauma kit is used. – It can’t stay as it is now. – from r/Blackops4

This would bring armor more in line with other items in the game and prevent players from becoming walking tanks on a regular basis.

The comments section of the post is filled with many stories of players dealing thousands (yes, thousands) of points of damage to enemies with copious amounts of repair items who out-repair the damage, leading many to agree with Cynnthetic’s proposed change.


The concept still allows the new armor system to stay in place, however, since players would still be able to repair their armor as the match continues, allowing Treyarch’s overall aim with the system to remain intact.

Treyarch has been closely listening to feedback from the community ever since Blackout’s beta phase, especially when it comes to armor, and have made many changes already, meaning it’s possible to see a change to this system in the near future.