Bizarre Warzone drop bug takes first-person POV to a whole new level

Warzone Drop Bug Glitch First Person POV With LogoActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone has spawned plenty of hilarious bugs since its release, and another has now been added to the list: a bizarre (and slightly terrifying) glitch that puts a whole new spin on what it means to be an FPS.

As the halfway mark of Warzone Season 5 approaches, and the game’s mid-season update inches closer, fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new content landing September 8.

There’s plenty to be excited about in the Season 5 Reloaded update, but Warzone also continues to suffer from plenty of bugs and glitches — some of which are endearing, while others are of a more frustrating (or even game-breaking) nature.

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Regardless, another glitch has joined the ranks of Warzone’s unintentional modifiers. This new bug, popping up during the game’s initial drop-in phase, is both bizarre and unsettling all at the same time (but luckily, doesn’t appear to bring down the core gameplay experience).

Warzone Helicopter Drop OperatorsActivision
Players are getting a closer look at their operators thanks to a new Warzone bug.

In a post on Reddit, one Warzone player shared their interesting experience with a new POV while dropping into a game of Quads on Rebirth Island. “What am I even looking at?” they asked, while sharing video footage of the surreal experience.

The clip shows the player and his teammates flying towards Rebirth in a helicopter as the match gets set to kick off — pretty standard stuff for any Warzone player.

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However, the clip took a totally unexpected turn after the player opened their in-game roster, then closed it back out. Instead of switching back to the intro sequence, however, they were met with a bizarre and possibly even terrifying sight.

Their POV had been replaced by, quite literally, a first-person view of their operator. While looking around, they could clearly see their ears, eyes, and teeth — all from inside their own skull.

As the player continued to look around in confusion, the camera suddenly snapped back to outside the chopper as the pre-game launch screen reappeared, so it doesn’t seem this glitch is game-breaking (just a bit unsettling).

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Fortunately, this particular bug doesn’t stop players from enjoying the game how it’s meant to be played — but it does give them quite a unique perspective on things as they prepare to drop into Verdansk or Rebirth Island. Keep your eyes peeled for this one — literally.