Warzone spectator glitch can give easy kills but will definitely get you reported


Warzone Season 5 has brought a lot of changes to the classic Call of Duty Battle Royale game. But with every big update, the game is prone to running into some bugs as seen with the latest visual glitch that’s extremely useful but could easily get you reported. 

Glitches are no stranger to the streets of Verdansk. While the most common ones usually involve graphic issues, they can create advantages or disadvantages for squads.

While playing a game of Warzone, communicating with your teammates is a key aspect to winning games. Being able to call out where enemies are located and how to attack, can really make a squad wipe go really smooth.

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Combine communication with a visual bug and it creates the ultimate strategy for free kills, but don’t be surprised if you get reported.

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A player finds a way to be useful while dead and gives the perfect callout thanks to a bug.

Warzone spectator has visual bug and calls out enemy through door

God-tier communication will take you a long way in Warzone. Being able to work as a unit and takedown teams together can make the game a lot easier on your end.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘Csmith1875’ demonstrates how good communication and a little glitch can take you a long way.

For people wondering what just happened, this person’s teammate was dead and spectating. However, the door did not appear on their end so it let them see everyone that was on the other side of it.

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This allowed the player to navigate their teammate’s aim exactly where it needed to be and secured a kill.  You can hear the squad start laughing about it because it truly is amusing but the player on the other end was likely spamming the report button.

Since they had little to no information that the player was on the other side of that door this clip could certainly be taken out of context. Nonetheless, by the sounds of it, the player didn’t seem to be cheating and was just blessed by the Warzone gods.