Best MW2 Ranked Play Loadouts

Ryan Lemay
Call of Duty character in Atlanta FaZe skin with sniper

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play brings out the true competition to Call of Duty. It requires high skill and the best loadouts possible while sticking to the mode’s tight restrictions. Here are the best loadouts to use in MW2 Ranked Play.

Infinity Ward introduced its own iteration of Ranked Play as part of MW2’s Season 2 update. Ranked brings a much different experience than public matches or the CDL Moshpit Playlist. Players can earn rewards and reach new Skill Divisions by winning matches.

The game mode uses the Call of Duty League’s official rule set, meaning many guns, equipment, and killstreaks are completely banned.

In order to reach the highest Ranks and Skill Divisions, you need the best loadout. Here are the best loadouts to use in MW2 Ranked Play.


Best Ranked Play Primary weapons


TAQ-56 Modern Warfare 2
The TAQ-56 in MW2.
  • Muzzle: FJX Fulcrum Pro
  • Barrel: 17.5″ Tundra Pro Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Edge-47 Grip
  • Stock: TV Xline Pro
  • Rear Grip: Demo Cleanshot Grip

Pros only use one AR, the TAQ-56. Devastating damage and long-range capability make it the only truly viable AR in Ranked Play. Season 3 nerfed the hard-hitting AR’s headshot damage, but it isn’t that noticeable.

We recommend using a muzzle attachment to reduce recoil, with us opting for the FJX Fulcrum Pro, which improves vertical and horizontal recoil. LA Thieves main AR Sam ‘Octane’ Larew claimed most pros have chosen this muzzle.

For a more aggressive AR build, the TV Xline Pro stock increases sprint speed and ADS speed at the cost of recoil control. While the TV Cardinal Stock increases aim walking speed and sprint speed and sacrifices aiming stability.


lachmann 556 assault rifle resting in gun case in mw2
  • Muzzle: Komodo Heavy
  • Stock: Lachmann S76 Factory Stock
  • Underbarrel: Edge-47 Grip
  • Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity
  • Rear Grip: LMK64 Grip

Truthfully, the TAQ-56 is usually the best choice but buffs to the Lachmann-556’s effective range at the start of Season 3 Reloaded have made it at least worth considering.

Much like the TAQ, the 556 is an extremely accurate assault rifle that beams at about any range. Furthermore, it has a highly competitive TTK and surprisingly good mobility given its accuracy.

Our recommended build focuses on minimizing recoil to be able to compete with opposing players using the TAQ-56 while also making the gun more mobile where possible. It might not be the obvious choice but some players will prefer how the Lachmann-556 feels over the TAQ-56.


Vaznev-9k Warzone 2
The Vaznev-9k thrives at close-quarters in Warzone 2.
  • Muzzle: Bruen Cubic Comp
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock
  • Underbarrel: Edge-47 Grip
  • Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip

The Vaznev-9K’s mid to long-range damage has been nerfed on multiple occasions. However, XclusiveAce revealed that even after nerfs, it still remains the best overall SMG thanks to the attachments it gets access to and the Vaznev’s easy to control spray pattern.

We recommend using just four attachments on the Vaznev-9k, as any more will detract from the weapon. For maximum aggression, players can drop the muzzle attachment to avoid the ADS hit but the Bruen Cubic Comp does make the Vaznev far more effective at mid-range.

Lastly, the Otrezat Stock improves sprint and walking speed, and the True-Tac Grip helps improve sprint-to-fire and ADS speed.

Lachmann Sub

Lachmann Sub Warzone 2
The Lachmann Sub deals deadly damage at close-quarters.
  • Muzzle: Bruen Pendulum
  • Underbarrel: Agent Grip
  • Rear Grip: Lachmann TCG-10
  • Stock: FT Mobile Stock

If you aren’t a fan of the Vaznev, the Lachmann Sub is the next best option. The SMG is based on the classic MP5, which was a go-to CDL weapon in Modern Warfare 2019. After the Season 3 Reloaded nerfs to the Vaznev-9K, the Lachmann Sub is extremely similar stats-wise.

A blistering fast TTK speed and mobility put the MP5 a cut above other SMG options. We recommend using the Bruen Pendulum muzzle to improve the weapon’s vertical and horizontal recoil. Next, the Agent Grip improves hip fire accuracy and aiming idle stability at the cost of walking speed.

Lastly, the Lachmann TCG-10 rear grip improves recoil control, and the FT Mobile Stock improves aiming stability, crouch movement speed, and ADS speed.

VEL 46

VEL 46 Warzone 2 loadoiut
  • Underbarrel: EDGE-47 Grip
  • Magazine: 30 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Soldier Grip
  • Stock: Demo RXT Stock

Once strictly a niche SMG, the VEL 46 has undergone multiple buffs that now place it right at the top next to the Vaznev-9K and Lachmann Sub. It’s more suited to traditional aggressive SMG play than mid-range engagements but the VEL 46 still excels on certain maps.

Inspired by OpTic Texas star, Anthony ‘Shotzzy‘ Cuevas-Castro, we built this loadout with ADS speed and mobility in mind. The Schlager Soldier Grip and Demo RXT Stock improve ADS speed at the cost of recoil control.

Players are free to add a Barrel or underbarrel to improve recoil control, as this loadout only used four attachments.


The MCPR-300 in MW2.
  • Ammunition: .300 Mag High Velocity
  • Magazine: 5 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip
  • Stock: FSS Merc Stock
  • Bolt: Cronen Smooth Bolt

The MCPR-300 hits like a truck, and that’s why some pros opt to use this weapon if they decide to pull out a sniper.

A downside of dealing massive damage is slower mobility. To help compensate for the weapon’s sluggishness, the Cronen Cheetah Grip, FSS Merc Stock, and 5 Round Mag improve ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed.

SP-X 80

Best SP-X 80 loadout in modern warfare 2
The SP-X 80 is a behemoth in MW2.
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity
  • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Match Grip
  • Stock: MAX DMR Precision

Just like the L-AB 330, the SP-X is a lightweight sniper with an emphasis on aggressive lane pushes. In most cases the SPX-50 is the best sniper to use in Ranked Play thanks to its superior handling characteristics.

We maximized the weapon’s mobility by equipping the Schlager Match Grip and Max DMR Precision to improve ADS and movement speed. The FSS ST87 Bolt allows you to reload faster.

Signal 50

Signal 50 Wrzone 2 sniper
The Signal 50 thrives at long-range and picking off enemies from afar.
  • Barrel: FSS Jetstream
  • Optic: SP-X 80 Optic
  • Stock: SO Inline Stock
  • Rear Grip: SA Finesse Grip
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal High Velocity

A few CDL pros opted to use the Signal 50 at CDL Major 4, including FaZe superstar Cellium. The sniper rifle is unique, as it offers an extremely fast fire rate yet still takes down enemies in one shot.

Its slower handling means that in most cases the SP-X 80 is better but from time to time you’ll stumble across a situation where the Signal 50’s superior fire rate scores you multiple kills.

Best Ranked Play: Secondary weapons


  • Muzzle: XRK Ventor-900
  • Trigger Action: XRK Ligting Fire
  • Rear Grip: Cronen Lima-6

Most CDL Pros use the X12, as the speedy pistol boasts impressive mobility and fire speed. The Combat Knife provides superior mobility but can leave you exposed and isn’t as effective in the water.

The XRK Lighting Fire will allow you to get off consecutive shots faster. The Cronen Lima-6 and XRK Ventor-900 improve ADS speed and recoil control, respectively.

Best Ranked Play loadout: Perks and equipment


All ultimate perks are banned in competitive matches, so players only need to worry about the three base perks and one bonus perk.

For the first two perk slots, we recommend choosing between Double Time, Battle Hardened, and Bomb Squad. Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad help alleviate grenade spam on respawn game modes, while Double Time is essential for moving around quicker in SnD or Respawn.

Fast Hands should be the go-to selection for the bonus perk slot. The last thing you want is to lose a gunfight because you get caught reloading a weapon.

Snipers can use Focus to remove flinch from their weapons, and Cold Blooded comes in handy for being undetected by Cruise Missiles on more open maps.


For lethal grenades in Ranked Play, we recommend using either a frag grenade or semtex. It comes down to personal preference, as frag grenades can bounce into rooms, while semtex grenades stick to whatever surface you throw them at. Each option has a proper occasion for use.

As for tactical grenades, stun grenades come in handy for any game CDL mode.

Best CDL Moshpit loadout: Field upgrades

For Ranked, players should look at Dead Silence or the Trophy System as their go-to field upgrade choice. For respawn game modes, it’s always essential to have a trophy system on the objective, while Dead Silence makes more sense for SnD matches, where the pacing is usually slower,