MW2 players mock devs over basic misunderstanding of bullets in loading screen

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A new MW2 loading screen has Call of Duty players wondering if developers have forgotten how bullets actually work.

The loading screen in question isn’t the only new addition that has Modern Warfare 2 users buzzing of late. Activision recently deployed Season 2 Reloaded, which introduced the Himmelmatt Expo 6v6 map, KV Broadside shotgun, and Special Ops Raid Episode 2.

Of course, the update also came packed with a host of fixes for bugs, specifically those related to audio glitches, Field Upgrade issues, and much more.

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Some players were stuck on another aspect of the experience at the time, however – a loading screen that called into question the function of bullets.

Fans mock MW2 loading screen showing bullets being fired

Reddit user xSpectre37 recently snapped a screenshot of a Modern Warfare 2 loading screen that showcased an interesting image.

The image depicts an extreme close-up of several bullets flying over a city as the sun sets. Nothing special, really. The only problem is that the bullets are still lodged in their casings.

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“No way they did a loading screen with bullets shooting the whole casing,” the Redditor wrote in the following post.

Of course, Call of Duty fans are having a field day with this revelation. Some have even invoked Portal 2’s Cave Johnson, the Aperture Science CEO who once said of the company’s turrets – “…we fire the whole bullet. That’s 65 percent more bullet per bullet.”

The bullet-ladden MW2 loading screen suggests Cave and Call of Duty developers think alike in some respects.

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More than likely, the above is merely an example of an honest mistake. Another minor mistake made the rounds a few days ago, in fact, when players noticed that patch notes mentioned a fix for a nonexistent in-game attachment.

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