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Arcitys explains why Chicago Huntsmen should “never lose” in the CDL

Published: 21/Apr/2020 7:09 Updated: 21/Apr/2020 7:11

by Brad Norton


2019 World Champion Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson has been less than satisfied with the results of the Chicago Huntsmen lately, putting teammates on blast during a recent Call of Duty League interview.

As the Call of Duty League has transitioned online, certain teams have been shining brighter than ever before, while others are struggling to find their groove.

After a first-place finish in London, the Huntsmen were knocked out of both the Atlanta and Dallas events by the Florida Mutineers. With the online Chicago Home Series just days away, Arcitys has outlined the internal struggles of the CDL squad that they need to address sooner than later.


Chicago Huntsmen
The Huntsmen squad currently sits atop the CDL standings, but could that all change this weekend?

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Jumping into a chat with CDL casters Miles Ross, Ben ‘Benson’ Bowe, and Phil ‘Momo’ Whitfield, Arcitys addressed the recent Huntsmen slump: “We shoot our guns straight, we just don’t know how to play the game,” he stated.

“I tell them this every day. Us five shouldn’t be losing, no matter what game it is, no matter what CoD it is. I told them we could probably hop on Gears of War and win a couple of games there. ”

While the Huntsmen lineup still currently sits atop the standings with 110 CDL points, others are closing the gap — including Flordia and Dallas — and Arcitys believes their team should command a far bigger lead than they do.


“There’s a lot of bickering, a lot of arguing, a lot of not listening to each other,” he continued, highlighting some of the reasons why he believes the team may have missed the mark in their recent runs compared to their early success.

YouTube: CDL
YouTube: CDL
Can the Huntsmen get on the same page before their upcoming Home Series?

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Official results are one thing, but scrims have also been lackluster for the team lately, according to Arcitys. “There was a week right before Dallas…we didn’t win a map for three or four days,” the 2019 champ explained.

Things almost got to the point where Arcitys benched himself for a day of scrims, purely so he could spectate and see exactly what everyone was doing on the map.


The roster had an “hour-long conversation” days ago where they touched on all matter of subjects in order to start hitting their old form, Arcity added.

“You’re not waking up on time, you’re waking up five minutes before scrims, you’re not listening to each other,” Arcitys said. “There’s no excuse. This is a job. We all need to take it seriously. It’s something we are working on.”

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With such a star-studded roster, being the number one seed at the beginning of the season isn’t enough for them. They clearly want to right their wrongs and get back on track with their event-winning ways moving forward.


They compete this weekend in their own Chicago Huntsmen Online Home Series. Here’s everything you need to know about the April 24-26 event.