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How to watch Call of Duty’s ‘Live from Warzone’ weekly series

Published: 14/Apr/2020 5:07 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 14:35

by David Purcell


Activision have revealed Call of Duty: Warzone is getting its own weekly livestream series called ‘Live From Warzone’, with streamers, pro players and celebrities teaming up every week to jump into the action. 

They made the announcement via an official blog post on April 13, with the event set to make its debut just a day later. A trailer has also been rolled out for the new series.


These weekly livestreams will see teams stream for two hours straight to rack up as many wins, kills and highlights as they possibly can – giving fans even more opportunities to see pro players and streamers in the battle royale game mode.

Live From Warzone trailer

Just to give CoD fans an idea of what Live From Warzone will include, the blog post states: “Starting this week, tune in to catch your favorite streamers, athletes, and celebrities squad up with Call of Duty League pros to go #LiveFromWarzone. Expect new tournaments, entertainment, and surprises all around the game you love.”


When does Live From Warzone start?

This new livestream series officially debuts on April 14 and will be broadcast on several different channels, which will depend on the schedule each week.

Live From Warzone will kick off at 12pm PT (3pm EST, 8pm GMT, 5am AEST the following day). New streams will start every two hours after things get underway. All details can be found below.

  • Paris Legion – 12pm PT
  • London Royal Ravens – 2pm PT
  • Toronto Ultra – 4pm PT
  • Dallas Empire – 6pm PT
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas – 8pm PT

Aside from that, the blog post also reads: “On Thursday, April 16, Call of Duty League players will return to Warzone live on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel. Five teams – Atlanta FaZe, Florida Mutineers, New York Subliners, Minnesota RØKKR, and the Seattle Surge will battle for victory in Verdansk.”


Live From Warzone lineup: April 14-19

A full lineup for the first week of action has also been revealed, featuring a tournament from Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff – Week 2 of the MFAM Gauntlet.

Some streams, as stated below, will be on Twitch and others will be on YouTube – so make sure you’re following the list correctly when it comes to tuning in.

Here is the complete Live From Warzone schedule for April 14-19.

With Activision confirming that new tournaments and special guests are set to feature in the series in the future, it’s likely that Warzone players and competitive CoD fans will be pouring into these livestreams to watch the action.


Paris Legion, London Royal Ravens, Toronto Ultra, Dallas Empire, and the Los Angeles Guerrillas are up first in the Live from Warzone series.

Call of Duty

How to unlock Damascus and Diamond CoD Mobile camos

Published: 14/Oct/2020 12:30

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty Mobile is getting two new end tier camos for players to grind towards, with Damascus and Diamond arriving in the game. But, how can you get them?

Previously in CoD Mobile, the top camos were Gold and Platinum. You have to complete all camo challenges for a weapon to unlock Gold, then unlock Gold for all weapons in that class (e.g. SMG, Assault Rifle etc.) to unlock the Platinum weapon wrap for them.


Now, though, Damascus is back in the game, and Diamond will also be arriving sometime in Season 11.

So, how do you unlock the new camos? Let’s take a look.


How to unlock Damascus in CoD Mobile

Damascus KN44 CoD Mobile
Damascus is making its return to CoD Mobile.

Damascus arrived in CoD Mobile on Monday, October 12, and many players are already unlocking it and flexing it on their opponents in-game.

If you’ve already been grinding camos, getting Damascus isn’t too hard; you just need to unlock Platinum on every single weapon. That means you need:

  • Platinum Assault Rifles
  • Platinum Submachine Guns
  • Platinum Sniper Rifles
  • Platinum Light Machine Guns
  • Platinum Shotguns
  • Platinum Pistols
  • Platinum Launchers
  • Platinum Melee weapons

Obviously, this is no easy feat, and if you’ve already been working towards Platinum weapons you’ll know how much of a struggle it is — especially when you get to the launchers and melee weapons. But, like they say, nothing good comes easy.


How to unlock the Diamond camo in CoD Mobile

Maddox Diamond camo BO4
The Diamond camo has long been a fan-favorite of Call of Duty players.

The Diamond camo is a little bit more difficult to provide a guide for because it’s not actually out yet. That said, the devs have confirmed that Diamond is coming to the game in another, later update.

While back in the day, Diamond was earned the same way Damascus is earned now, players will now have to do something different to earn Diamond, though that hasn’t been made clear yet.

It’s very possible that Diamond will be unlockable through completing various challenges, and they likely won’t be that easy considering the fact it’s referred to as an “end tier camo” — so players should anticipate another big grind.


We’ll be sure to update this article once Diamond is available in-game and it’s established how to unlock it, so be sure to stay tuned.